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    It Turns Out Women Actually Want Fried Chicken Instead Of Flowers For Valentine’s Day

    Fried chicken > flowers.

    Valentines Day is upon us. Which is great news for lovers and humanity as a whole, because who doesn't love love?


    No disrespect to romance but fried chicken is more fulfilling, satisfying and doesn't judge you for missing a waxing appointment.


    Interestingly more than 25% of Aussie women and 65% of blokes agree with me, according to a new survey by iconic West Australian chicken shop, Chicken Treat.

    While the exact survey size couldn't be confirmed, 43% of participants said they want fried chicken instead of flowers today.

    Channel 4

    "There is still a large proportion of romantics out there [but] what this research clearly showed was that fried chicken is preferable to wine and roses, for a huge part of the population," Harrison said.

    I've never felt so patriotic.


    Or hungry.

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