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    Amandla Stenberg Losing It On The Phone To Beyoncé Is All Of Us

    The woman Bey wants Blue Ivy to be when she grows up has zero chill.

    Before she graced our screens in the new dystopian film, The Darkest Minds, Amandla Stenberg caught Beyoncé's attention.

    The 19-year-old actor, then better known as Rue from The Hunger Games, was cast in Lemonade alongside Zendaya and other legends.


    While chatting to BuzzFeed on a recent trip to Sydney, Amandla spoke about YA novels, her activism and that time she got a call from a "mysterious number".

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    She said no details were given, but "it was for Beyoncé".

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    And that she had to head to New Orleans. "For some unknown reason," she said.

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    Basically, this is what happened when she found out she was summoned by Beyoncé.

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    Same, girl. Same.

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    Watch Amandla learn her superpower over on E! now.