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    Updated on 24 Jul 2018. Posted on 23 Jul 2018

    6 Of The Hottest Places In Wollongong According To Adam From "UnReal"

    Hot in the city of chicken shops and blow holes.

    This is Adam Demos. You may recognise him from UnReal.


    He played the man-bun topped hippie called August, who loved volunteering with the Peace Corps but hated clothes.

    A role that wasn't a creative stretch for the buff tradie-turned-actor from the beachside city of Wollongong.

    And when I say "he's from Wollongong", I mean he practically lists it on his resume.

    So we quizzed him on the most ~romantic ~ locations around his home town.

    1. Kiama blow hole

    2. The North Gong Pub

    "Unbelievable. That’s where love is formed," Adam says.

    3. Dapto Mall

    4. Kanahooka

    5. The Dapto train station

    6. Chicko’s chicken shop

    Wollongong: come for the connections, stay for the chips.

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