These Tired Bunnies Are Sympathetic To Your Post Spring Break Struggles

These bunnies feel your pain, and honestly would like to take a nap. Also, they decline to comment on the impending NorEaster, preferring to wait…until Easter.

1. This bunny tried to do some work after a red-eye from Miami.

And promptly passed the fuck out. Right on.

2. This bunny got off Amtrak and “just can’t” even make it to bed.

He just can’t.

3. This bunny tried to get up for class.

And fell right over again. His girlfriend was pretty confused.

4. This tired bunny was going to go for a run.

But that rock was just so damn comfortable.

5. This bunny was so sleepy he befriended a cat.

The cat didn’t really give a shit, and did nothing to support the bunny’s spooning. Poor bunny.

6. Bugs Bunny just never left spring break in the first place.

He’s got the right idea.

7. This tired bunny needed some lovin’.

Good morning petting will help me up. In ten minutes.

8. This bunny literally could not get out of bed.

Few too many sugary cocktails, perhaps.

9. This bunny is hoping you can’t see him.

I actually never came back from spring break, what are you talking about

10. Don’t talk to this bunny until he’s had coffee.

seriously, back the fuck up.

11. This bunny is “literally” dead.


12. This bunny is pissed and you better watch out.

He’s got big teeth.

13. This bunny is majoring in cute.

Good thing he can do it in his sleep, because he ain’t gettin’ up.

14. This bunny doesn’t understand why there’s snow outside.


15. Good luck coming back from spring break, aka “waiting for summer”.

Find some bunnies to nuzzle with.

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