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These Tired Bunnies Are Sympathetic To Your Post Spring Break Struggles

These bunnies feel your pain, and honestly would like to take a nap. Also, they decline to comment on the impending NorEaster, preferring to wait...until Easter.

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This bunny tried to do some work after a red-eye from Miami. / Via

And promptly passed the fuck out. Right on.

This bunny got off Amtrak and "just can't" even make it to bed. / Via

He just can't.

This bunny tried to get up for class. / Via

And fell right over again. His girlfriend was pretty confused.

This tired bunny was going to go for a run. / Via

But that rock was just so damn comfortable.

This bunny was so sleepy he befriended a cat. / Via

The cat didn't really give a shit, and did nothing to support the bunny's spooning. Poor bunny.

Bugs Bunny just never left spring break in the first place. / Via

He's got the right idea.

This tired bunny needed some lovin'. / Via

Good morning petting will help me up. In ten minutes.

This bunny literally could not get out of bed. / Via

Few too many sugary cocktails, perhaps.

This bunny is hoping you can't see him. / Via

I actually never came back from spring break, what are you talking about

Don't talk to this bunny until he's had coffee.

seriously, back the fuck up. / Via

seriously, back the fuck up.

This bunny is "literally" dead.

This bunny is pissed and you better watch out. / Via

He's got big teeth.

This bunny is majoring in cute. / Via

Good thing he can do it in his sleep, because he ain't gettin' up.

This bunny doesn't understand why there's snow outside. / Via


Good luck coming back from spring break, aka "waiting for summer". / Via

Find some bunnies to nuzzle with.

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