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    Everything You Need To Remember From "The Umbrella Academy" Season 1

    Refresh your memory before bingeing Season 2.

    The Umbrella Academy Season 2 is finally here! But it's been more than a year since Season 1 was released, so here's a refresher on where the gang was at last time we saw them...


    Let's start at the beginning: on October 1, 1989, 43 women around the world – who hadn't been pregnant at the start of the day – gave birth to babies.


    Billionaire/possible alien Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopted as many of the babies as possible – managing to round up seven of them.


    The kids all had superpowers, and Sir Reginald (quite brutally) trained them to be crime-fighting heroes called the Umbrella Academy (except Vanya, but we'll get to her).


    Luther, or Number One as his father called him, has superhuman strength and durability. When we meet him at the start of Season 1, he's been living on the moon for four years.


    Sir Reginald sent him there on what seems to have been a fake mission. This was to give Luther a sense of purpose after an accident on a previous mission caused him to nearly die, and in order to save his life, Sir Reginald used a serum that transformed Luther's body into something ape-like.

    Luther is ashamed of his body and hides it from the others as much as possible – especially Allison, who he has romantic feelings for.

    Diego (Number Two), whose power is the ability to manipulate objects he throws (mainly knives), grew up in Luther's shadows and wants to be seen as a leader and hero.


    Throughout Season 1, he tries to get to the bottom of his father's death, and he also deeply mourns the loss of Grace, the robot who was a mother to the Umbrella Academy, as well as his friend Detective Patch, who was murdered by Commission agents Hazel and ChaCha.

    Allison (Number Three) can influence and manipulate people and events by using the statement "I heard a rumor...". She is a famous actor who, before Season 1, had been left by her husband after she tried using her power on their daughter Claire.


    Allison yearns to be reunited with Claire. She has a complicated, more-than-sisterly love for Luther, and she also deeply cares about her other siblings, especially Vanya. When she realises that Sir Reginald had made Allison use her power in order to manipulate Vanya as a child, she feels incredibly guilty. Vanya subsequently attacks Allison, causing her to lose her voice (and her power).

    Klaus (Number Four) has the ability to communicate with dead people, which led to him abusing drugs in order to block them out.


    In Season 1, he's kidnapped and tortured by Hazel and ChaCha before escaping with their time travelling device and accidentally travelling back to the Vietnam War. He stays there for 10 months, falling in love with a soldier named Dave who is killed in action. When he returns to the present, he's deeply affected by his experience.

    Five (as in Number Five) can jump through time and space. He uses this ability to jump to the future when he's 13, ending up in a post-apocalyptic world and becoming stranded there.


    He's alone for decades, with only a mannequin he calls Delores for company. He spends the whole time trying to figure out how to get back to his family. One day he's visited by a woman known as the Handler from the Commission, a time travel agency determined to "maintain the timeline" and ensure the apocalypse happens. She offers Five a way back to his family in exchange for his services.

    Five thus becomes a time-travelling assassin, perpetrating ruthless attacks to carry out Commission orders. Just before he's about to seemingly take part in the assassination of JFK, Five finally figures out how to travel back to his family on his own, and he abandons his job. However, he makes a mistake in his calculations, and his trip through time causes him to revert to his 13-year-old body, despite now being 60 years old.

    Throughout the rest of Season 1, Five tries desperately to stop the apocalypse from happening, while also trying to escape Commission agents Hazel and ChaCha, who have orders to kill him now that he's trying to prevent the apocalypse.


    At one point, Five ends up at Commission headquarters, where he blows up most of their time travel devices and injures the Handler.

    The Handler later reappears, having healed from her injuries, but she is shot by Hazel, who wants to leave the Commission to be with the woman he's fallen in love with, Agnes. Hazel and Agnes time travel just as the apocalypse begins, while ChaCha is killed by it.

    Ben (Number Six) died before the start of Season 1, but thanks to Klaus' powers, he's still present in the show.


    For the most part, only Klaus can see him, but at the end of Season 1, as Klaus sobered up, the two of them realised they could connect physically, and Klaus can give Ben more of a visible, tangible presence.

    Ben's own power involves a portal to another dimension inside his body, through which he unleashes tentacled creatures.

    Vanya (Number Seven) has the ability to convert sound into energy – although for most of her life she believed she didn't have a power.


    When she was four years old, Sir Reginald came to believe that Vanya's power was too destructive and dangerous. He put her on medication to suppress her emotions (as her power is tied to her feelings) and also had Allison make Vanya believe she was "ordinary".

    This caused Vanya to feel extremely isolated and insecure. As an adult, she wrote a book about her famous family, alienating her from them further.

    During Season 1, she befriends a man named Leonard Peabody – real name Harold Jenkins – who discovers the truth about Vanya's power and pushes her to unlock it in a bid to bring down the Umbrella Academy (he'd been obsessed with them growing up as he was born on the same day as them – only he didn't have powers).

    After injuring Allison, Vanya discovers that Leonard has been using Sir Reginald's journal to manipulate her, and she kills him. She seeks refuge with her family, but Luther knocks her out and locks her in a soundproof chamber, believing her to be dangerous. Feeling alone and betrayed once again, Vanya cracks, using her heartbeat to harness enough energy to escape the chamber.

    Vanya then destroys the Umbrella Academy house, killing Pogo and Grace in the process. She heads to the Icarus Theatre to perform in a concert there, and her violin becomes a rod through which her power is harnessed.


    Her siblings, having realised Vanya's growing power and unhinged mental state will cause the apocalypse, try to take her down. Allison shoots a gun next to Vanya's ear, disrupting her power. However, Vanya's body releases the built-up energy and it shoots up in a beam through the roof of the theatre and strikes the moon.

    The moon breaks apart and scatters towards the earth. As the apocalypse begins, the Umbrella Academy join hands. Five, using his power in a way that he never has before, manages to travel back through time with all his siblings, winding up in the 1960s.

    Which brings us to the start of Season 2!


    Here's hoping the season answers some of our burning questions. There are so many mysteries to unravel!