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    19 Ways People Completely Ruin Weddings Without Knowing They've Ruined Them

    Avoid these wedding no-nos at all costs.

    Weddings can bring out the best in people...and also the very worst.


    When Reddit user u/JedNoonan asked what some major wedding no-nos are, the responses ranged from the hilarious to the downright worrying. Here are some things you should never do at a wedding, according to Reddit...

    1. Don't be underdressed.

    "The most common issue I have seen IRL is being underdressed. People show up in boots, camo, T-shirts, etc. It's not the end of the world, but if you can't get dressed up for a wedding, what do you dress up for? It's one of the most formal events a normal person will attend." β€”u/AllJackedUpOnMtDew

    2. Or wear white.

    "I went to a wedding a month ago, and a girl wore a white satin cocktail dress and a fucking TIARA. She was much talked about." β€”u/altiif

    3. Don't take your own photos during the ceremony.

    "If there is a professional photographer there, get the hell out of the way. Put up your shitty cellphone with its awful flash. Good money was paid so that they could capture quality images of the event, and people constantly jump in front of the photographer and screw up the lighting." β€”u/ExistentialThreat


    4. Don't be late.

    "DON'T turn up late. If the invite says, 'Ceremony at 1 p.m.,' you should be getting there no later than 12:40 p.m.

    I've seen a bride in tears because she arrived at the church, heard the music start playing, then heard it stop again because the first person who walked in was a guest who 'thought it said 1 p.m.'

    If you ARE late, just wait outside for 10 minutes, then try and sneak in. It's your own fault if you miss anything; don't ruin their day too." β€”u/AlmostAndrew

    5. Don't give a speech unless you've specifically been asked.

    "If you are not one of the normal people chosen to give a speech, then don't try and give one. That was an awkward 10 minutes at our wedding." β€”u/TheSameButBetter

    6. Don't make a major announcement β€” it's not your day.

    "My grandfather announced he was divorcing my grandmother at my parents' wedding...I'd say that should be a NO-NO." β€”u/Scottdg93

    7. Especially don't propose or get engaged.

    "At my wedding, my new brother-in-law proposed to his girlfriend of three months, then went around and started asking the guests who they were happier for. They left a half hour later with out saying goodbye to anyone. I guess they didn't get the positive reaction they were hoping for." β€”u/HerDirtyPawsΒ 

    Fox 2000

    8. Don't complain about the food, no matter how crap it is.

    "I mentioned an issue with the food one time to the groom when he asked how the buffet was. I apologized immediately, but that conversation still haunts me. I can't believe I said that." β€” u/Erick_Swan

    9. In fact, don't hassle the bride or groom with any of your complaints or concerns.

    "Got married yesterday, and EVERYONE was asking for advice, telling me what went wrong, telling me about what upset them at MY wedding. IDGAF β€” just wanna enjoy my wedding." β€”u/Ln16_taco

    10. Don't openly compare it to other weddings or your own wedding plans.

    "I got married last weekend. One of my bridesmaids got engaged a month ago. Her wedding is over a year away, and literally the whole day she was comparing basically everything at my wedding to her future wedding. I can't tell you how fucking annoyed I got." β€”u/shadowmaker94

    11. Don't bring people who weren't invited.

    "'If you bring guests that I did not invite, you will be joining them on the curb while myself and those that respected my wishes will be inside enjoying the wedding.'

    My sister said this to my mom; mom still invited family friends from my sister's childhood that she hadn't spoken to in years that our mother just happened to keep in contact with...and in fact sat on a bench outside the chapel for 20 minutes thinking my sister was going to crack and allow her and her guests inside. Dad was too tipsy to drive her home, so I had to listen to her rant during a 30-minute car ride, which I only offered so we didn't have even more drama go down." β€”u/luciolucioluciolucio

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    12. Including children.

    "I've been to a wedding where they specifically asked not to bring children. Of course, one couple defied them and said, 'You won't even know he's here!' when confronted. I'm certain everyone noticed the screaming child running about." β€”u/mossybunny

    13. Don't RSVP saying you'll go and then...not show up.

    "We had about 15 people (out of just over 100) who RSVPed yes, and didn't show up. And half the people at the reception decided to rearrange the seating arrangement." β€”u/JedNoonan

    14. Don't risk your phone making noise β€” make sure it's on silent, or turn it off.

    "At my brother's wedding, I was best man, on the altar, when I realized that I hadn't silenced my phone. What do I do? Everyone is facing my direction and if I take out my phone to silence it, it looks like I'm checking my texts. So I just prayed nobody would text or call. Complete terror for 20–30 minutes. Luckily not a peep from the phone." β€”u/chworktap

    15. Don't be rude to the staff (a given in any situation).

    "I work the soundboard at weddings; please don't harass the staff.

    Some drunk dude comes up during the reception:

    'Hey...hey...hey...hey...can you play the cha-cha slide?'

    I'm sorry, man; the bride gave me aΒ veryΒ detailed playlist that didn't include that for a reason. Stop annoying me every five minutes. I'm being polite and noncommittal because I have to." β€”u/BlatantConservative


    16. Don't ask why someone isn't drinking (another given for any situation).

    "If you notice a girl not drinking at a wedding, DON'T ASK WHY! I've had a few friends that hadn't announced pregnancies yet that were trying so hard to avoid not being a dick at people's weddings, and had extended family/friends trying to figure it out." β€”u/nkdeck07

    17. If you're giving a speech, don't embarrass the bride or groom β€” even if you think it's hilarious.

    "I went to a wedding where the best man told in great detail what happened during their buck's night and ended it with a stripper tugging the groom's dick, 'but it was only for a few seconds.' Fuck, it was awkward. You would have heard a pin drop in that room." β€”u/ButterscotchFog

    18. Really don't drink too much.

    "A very good friend of mine got incredibly drunk at my wedding. While my wife and I were cutting the cake, he yelled out, 'I fucked that cake!' That was a complete NO-NO." β€”u/hardcore_UFOs


    19. And finally...don't have sex with the bride or groom if you're not the one getting married to them?

    "True story: Years ago, I was at a wedding reception at a big hotel that had two receptions going at once. I went to the men's room, and a guy in a tux was crying his eyes out while another guy comforted him. I took my time and learned that crying guy was the groom (from the other wedding), comforting guy was one of his groomsmen, and the cause of the drama was that groom walked in on his new bride having sex with his best man." β€”u/Nicetryatausername

    Note: Responses have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

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