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    "The Good Place" Is Now Set In Australia And The Accents Are So Bad People Think It's A Clue

    This fan theory about the Australian accents could be onto something.

    The Good Place is back! And the gang is back on Earth – and in Australia.


    Now, as an Australian, I was particularly excited to see how the show would play out in my home country.


    Australians fucking live for being noticed by the rest of the world for something other than rampant racism, tbh.

    However, it didn't take me long to feel like I was in the Bad Place. Because folks, the Australian accents on display were TERRIBLE. And I wasn't the only person who noticed.

    Good news: the new season of The Good Place is up Bad news: it's filled with so many terrible Australian accents

    Petition to ban Americans from ever attempting Australian accents. #TheGoodPlace

    Watching the new #TheGoodPlace and this may be the worst fake Australian accent I’ve ever heard. Like wow 😲... surely they could of employed one of the thousands of Aussie actors floating around. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    has anyone from america ever heard an australian actually talk

    *We* are actually in the Bad Place, and our punishment is Americans doing Australian accents. #TheGoodPlace

    Australians were fuming. And also theorising. Because surely the accents couldn't be that bad unless it was on purpose?!

    Australians after watching #TheGoodPlace premiere and realising surely that many people can't be THAT bad at doing our accent without it ~meaning~ something in the plot

    A few people started to think that maybe the gang were actually still in the Bad Place, and not alive on Earth after all.

    The only explanation is that it's a simulation and the Australia we are seeing is what Michael thinks Australia is like, thus *gulp* the accents

    The Australian accents in #TheGoodPlace are so bad they must surely be a plot point? SURELY?

    @JennaGuillaume @holybatgirl I’m feeling like they’re in another layer of the bad place. Vicki bragged about the Australian accent she had worked on in season 2.

    @JennaGuillaume @holybatgirl Additional data point - Australia is the land down under.

    As @joshlogan43 pointed out on Twitter, back in Season 2, Vicky complained about never getting to use the Australian accent she'd been practising for one of the neighbourhood reboots.


    It was, of course, a terrible accent.

    And in the Season 3 premiere, the show blatantly called out Michael's terrible accent.


    It could all just have been a set-up for this joke, OR evidence they're still in the Bad Place!

    Of course, the most prominent and worst accent offender was new character Simone, who is played by British actor Kirby Howell-Baptiste.


    She's incredibly talented, so the fact that she's SO bad at the Australian accent is surprising, and lends weight to the theory that something shady is afoot.

    Her awful accent combined with the fact that Simone is already coming between Eleanor and Chidi – when we know their connection is the key to Michael's experiment succeeding – makes me believe she's definitely a demon.


    Even if they're actually on Earth and not still in the Bad Place, she might have been sent there to foil Michael's plans, just like Adam Scott's character Trevor was at the end of the Season 3 premiere.

    Now, the Aussie accent is notoriously hard to master for foreigners, so maybe we're all overthinking it, and Simone really is a human and they all really are on Earth. BUT I DOUBT IT.

    So glad #TheGoodPlace is back, but every attempt at an Australian accent needs to be sent to The Bad Place for atonement. That said, this cart is the greatest gift we will receive in 2018.

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