Netflix Is Releasing Another Royal Christmas Romance, This Time Starring Vanessa Hudgens

    The Christmas Switch is my most anticipated movie of the year tbh – after A Christmas Prince 2.

    It is an objective truth* that A Christmas Prince was the best thing to happen in 2017.

    So it goes without saying that the announcement of the sequel, called A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, has been the best thing to happen in 2018.

    UNTIL NOW, that is. I don't know if you know this, but Christmas-themed royal romances are a whole genre in themselves.

    And Netflix is doing its part for the good of the world by contributing to the genre, not just with a sequel to A Christmas Prince, but a WHOLE OTHER MOVIE!

    Vanessa Hudgens posted on Instagram earlier today that she just wrapped filming on The Christmas Switch for Netflix!

    A royal Christmas romance starring Vanessa Hudgens? What more could we ask for? What's that? A royal Christmas romance starring TWO Vanessa Hudgenses*?!?!? YES THANK YOU PLEASE.

    .@VanessaHudgens & @SamPalladio will star in “The Princess Switch,” a rom-com about a Duchess & a commoner who swap places after discovering they look exactly alike! But things get complicated when they each fall in love with a man who doesn't know their true identity

    *I'm just speculating that Vanessa will play two roles, btw, but if she doesn't, what is even the point of a switching identities movie?!

    Oh, and the prince is being played by Sam Palladio, who appears to tick all the boxes of Generic British White Boy perfectly.

    Bring on Christmas!