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    Meet The 3 Intruders Gunning For The Honey Badger On "The Bachelor"

    The intruders will enter the Bachelor mansion this Wednesday.

    It's intruder time on The Bachelor!


    Here's our first look at the three new contestants who will be entering the competition this week...

    Brittney, 25, Qld


    Brittney loves football and is after someone who shares her passion for the sport (she'll have to join the Bach mansion queue in this area). She hates online dating and says her dream date would be snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.

    Deanna, 28, SA


    Deanna is a former competitive swimmer who describes herself as energetic, direct and loving. She's after an athletic man who isn't afraid of commitment – lucky for her, the Honey Badger ticks those boxes!

    Jamie Lee, 27, NSW


    Jamie Lee hates drama (look out, Cat and Romy) and wants a supportive man who is just as easygoing as she is.

    Bring. It. On.


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