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    This Is Exactly What It Was Like To Grow Up With "The Baby-Sitters Club"

    This meeting of the Baby-Sitters Club is now in session.

    1. You had strong opinions on which versions of the covers were superior.


    Kristy in a DRESS? What was the cover artist thinking?!

    2. But you probably had each version anyway because people bought them for you as gifts and you ended up with doubles of a lot of books.

    3. You reread them all often but had your ultimate faves that you kept coming back to more than the rest.

    Little-known fact: Boy Crazy Stacey (aka Baby Sitters Club #8) is actually my autobiography.

    4. There was one babysitter you related to the most…and one (or more) you wanted to be like.

    I was thinking about BSC today and about how I always wanted to be a Claudia but I think I am actually a Kristy

    5. And there was one babysitter you didn’t like as much as the others, whose chapters and books you sometimes skipped.

    welcome to my ted talk 'mallory was the worst of the babysitters club'. doors are locked

    (There's a 90% chance it was Mallory.)

    6. You tended to skip Chapter 2, which just rehashed introductions and backstory — but you always skimmed it to make sure you didn't miss an outfit description.

    The Claudia Kishi outfit description was the best part of any Baby-Sitters Club book.

    You definitely tried to put together your own outfits based on those descriptions, too.

    7. You were heavily invested in Mary Anne and Logan’s relationship.


    8. And were devastated by Mimi’s death.


    9. You never quite warmed to Abby, who couldn't replace Dawn in your heart.


    10. You tried to style your handwriting after at least one of the girls.

    11. You also set up your own club with your friends and couldn’t understand why your parents thought 11-year-old babysitters were a bad idea.

    I have a theory: if you are reading this tweet, when you were 11 or so, you earnestly but unsuccessfully tried to start your own version of the babysitter's club.

    12. You were desperate for a phone in your bedroom, like Claudia.


    13. You learned A LOT from the BSC — from the serious (death, divorce, diabetes) to the silly (good hiding spots for candy).

    I learned the basics of pig latin from mallory's siblings in the babysitters club books

    14. You thought Stoneybrook was a real place, and were sad when you realized it wasn’t.

    Scholastic / Via

    15. And you were also shocked to learn Ann M. Martin didn’t actually write all the books.

    Ann M. Martin used a ghost writer for 80% of the BSC?!??!?!? MIND. BLOWN. WORLD. SHATTERED.

    16. You still know all the words to the theme song of the original TV series.



    17. You watched the movie at every sleepover.


    18. You probably had The Baby-Sitters Club board game, and any other merchandise you could get your hands on.

    19. And you still have whole piles of the books stashed somewhere in your house, because they’re like friends you could never quite part with.

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