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    17 Reasons Team Pacey Was The Only Ever Option On "Dawson's Creek"

    It should have been called Pacey's Creek.

    Dawson might have been the titular hero of Dawson's Creek, but we can all agree that he was the absolute worst — and Pacey was the true heart and soul of the story.

    Pacey and Dawson in the video store; a love heart is drawn around Pacey while a cross is over Dawson's face

    The biggest storyline of the show actually pit the two friends against each other in a bid for Joey's love, in what became one of the most defining love triangles in modern pop culture.

    1. I'll start off with the obvious and fun: Pacey was the king of flirty banter and teasing.

    Pacey calling Joey a "skittish kitten"

    2. The back-and-forth between Pacey and Joey started in Season 1 and built and built until Season 3 became an explosion of unresolved sexual tension that was finally, blissfully resolved.

    Joey and Pacey share a bed and argue over their butts touching

    3. The chemistry between Pacey and Joey was off the charts, and he brought out her playful and fun side in a way Dawson never could.

    Joey saying "bite me" and Pacey biting her playfully on the arm

    4. But it wasn't all jokes and teasing — Pacey was also there for Joey, a literal shoulder to cry on.

    Pacey comforts a crying Joey

    5. Pacey helped out her family, sat quietly by while she dated other guys, drove her around, taught her how to drive herself, listened to her, kept her secrets, and was there for her in pretty much every conceivable way.

    Pacey and Joey talk about the meaning of their relationship

    6. Pacey was also completely supportive of Joey's dreams; encouraging her and believing in her.

    Pacey saying "I wouldn't bet against that Potter girl"

    7. In fact, Pacey went further than just supporting Joey — he actively challenged her, helping her to step out of her comfort zone and grow as an artist and a person.

    Pacey shows Joey the wall he rented for her

    8. Pacey also wasn't afraid to express his feelings and make himself vulnerable — while simultaneously being romantic as hell.

    9. Pacey, in general, was romantic as hell, and proud of it.

    Pacey shows Joey his "True Love" sign for his boat

    10. Pacey never passed up an opportunity to talk about how beautiful Joey was.

    11. And it wasn't just words — Pacey looked at Joey like she was his favorite person in the world, and the loveliest sight he'd ever seen.

    Pacey looking affectionately at Joey

    12. In fact, Pacey was content just to sit and watch Joey sleep — which, thanks to Grams, we all know is a sure sign of true love.

    Pacey watching Joey sleep after talking to Grams about love

    13. We haven't even talked about kissing yet, so let's do that. Pacey was, by all appearances, a fantastic kisser.

    14. Pacey's romantic and respectful heart shone through in many of the kisses between him and Joey — like the time he counted down to 10 to give her time and space to say no.

    Pacey telling Joey he would count to ten then kiss her

    15. Pacey was a great communicator with exceptional emotional intelligence — he was clear and direct (and also very sweet) whenever he talked about his feelings.

    Pacey telling Joey what it means to see her in his life again in Season 6

    16. Once again, Pacey never unloaded his feelings as a burden for Joey to carry — he offered them as a gift, free of strings, and explicitly let her know he didn't expect or need anything in return.

    17. And finally, of course, he remembered everything.

    Pacey and Joey dancing while he talks about the story she told him about her mother's bracelet

    In short: Team Pacey forever and end.

    Are you Team Pacey as well? Let us know in the comments!