Taylor Swift Wore A "No Its Becky" Tee And Broke The Internet

She’s now the official Queen of Tumblr.

1. “no its becky” is an iconic Tumblr post in the Taylor Swift fandom.

2. Which collectively lost its shit overnight when Taylor herself appeared in New York City WEARING A “NO ITS BECKY” TEE.

PC / Splash News PC / Splash News

3. DEAD.

6. ~haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate~

whenever you see a taylor hate tweet just reply "no its becky" and when the hater tweets back don't reply anything

— 1989 (@scallisobs)

So he calls me up and he’s like “I still love you” and I’m like, no its becky.

— SmilesForTaylor (@SmilesForTaylor)

8. For real though.

please sell the "no its becky" shirt on your next tour @taylorswift13

— halle. (@onastarlitnight)

Is this @taylorswift13 ? No it's Becky. Get your facts straight.

— No it's Becky. (@askyoutodance)

10. You know what you did, Taylor. You know.

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