An Introduction To "Shadow And Bone," Netflix's New Fantasy Series

    Meet your new fave fantasy series.

    Shadow and Bone is a new fantasy series dropping on Netflix on April 23. If you're curious about the show, here's a guide to the world and its characters...

    The Darkling and Alina look at each other as a light beam shoots up from Alina's arm

    Is Shadow and Bone based on a book?

    What is the world of Shadow and Bone like?

    Someone on horseback rides through a green countryside; a dark shadowy wall of clouds called the Fold is ahead of them

    What are the Grisha?

    A group of Grisha hold their hands together in front of their bodies

    Who are the characters?

    Alina Starkov

    Alina stares at something in front of her with a concerned look

    Malyen "Mal" Oretsev

    Mal stands outside and frowns at something; there is a cut on his cheek and his face is dirty

    General Kirigan

    Kirigan wears a dark fur-trimmed cloak and stares at someone off camera.

    Genya Safin

     Genya wears a cream fur-lined outfit in a low-lit room and looks at someone or something offscreen

    David Kostyk

    David looks at Genya (offscreen) with affection

    Zoya Nazyalensky

    Zoya stands in a crowd at the palace


    Baghra stands in a darkened room and looks concerned

    Kaz Brekker

    Kaz wears a hat and coat and stares straight ahead

    Inej Ghafa

    Inej sits at a table and holds a sharp dagger stuck into the table

    Jesper Fahey

    Jesper stands in a doorway and smiles

    Nina Zenik

    NIna wears a fur-trimmed cloak and looks at something off camera

    Matthias Helvar

    Matthias wears a fur-trimmed outfit and stands outside in a snowy area; he has a reddened face covered in frost

    What is the plot?