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    Guys, Chill About Sansa's Hair On "Game Of Thrones"

    Yes, we're talking about her hair again.

    After Season 7, Episode 1, a lot of Game of Thrones fans were freaking out that Sansa's hair looked a lot like Cersei's, and what that could mean for her character.

    Sansa certainly "admires" Cersei. Sansa's hair this season matches Cersei from season 3.

    It's true that Sansa's hair has been used in the past to indicate her ~influences~.

    In Season 6, she seemed to return to her Northern roots.

    And I actually think her Season 7 hair – especially in Episode 3 – is a continuation of this.

    Specifically, her hairstyle is looking a lot closer to Cat's twists and braids.

    Just, like, the bad wig version.

    Which is fitting, since we got to see her being a total boss as Lady of Winterfell this episode.

    She also dragged both Cersei and Littlefinger in one savage exchange.

    Sooooo I'm not too worried about Sansa turning into a mini Cersei. She's a true Stark – which means that I'm actually more worried about her ability to stay alive.

    I honestly don't know how many more Stark deaths I can cope with.

    Wait, yes I do. Zero. The answer is zero.