People Are Loving The Trans Character In The New "Rocko's Modern Life"

    "This is special to see from a cartoon I grew up with."

    Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling, a new special, has dropped on Netflix. The central plot is about Rocko trying to hunt down the creator of his fave show, The Fatheads, in order to bring it back on air.

    What Rocko and his friends discover is that Rachel — the child of Rocko's neighbours Mr. and Mrs. Bighead and the creator of The Fatheads — is a trans woman, and has been living on her own while she explores her identity.

    When Rachel comes out to her dad, he initially rejects her, but the two reconnect by the end of the special. Mrs Bighead, meanwhile, immediately accepts Rachel's identity.

    The plotline has made a lot of fans really happy and emotional.

    this is the glow-up of the century and i am quite litcherally crying right now. cartoons good

    here is my review of rocko's modern life: static cling

    @ the trans frog in rocko's modern life

    A lot of people are talking about how meaningful the character is to them.

    Growing up, my family would quote the Wacky Deli episode of Rocko’s Modern Life endlessly. It was also my introduction to the concept of TV animation as a job I could have. Seeing that character living happily as herself while I live happily as me, in that industry, is pretty rad

    rocko's modern life special spoilers: . . . . . . . mom bighead being immediately supportive and finding cool cute shoes for Rachel to wear makes me go so fucking

    I'm not saying the new Rocko's Modern Life Static Cling special is perfect or anything but [ spoilers ] Wow this is special to see from a cartoon I grew up with 😭

    Many are praising the show's creators for the sensitive and positive portrayal of Rachel.

    Thank you Joe Murray and the rest of the crew behind Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling for showing a positive portrayal of a transgender character. This is seriously a huge landmark in children's animation.

    To all the people that worked on #RockosModernLife. Thank you so much! The way you handled Rachel was so so so good. Maybe even the best i've seen depicted in a cartoon.

    And Rachel even has her own fan-art!

    Rocko said trans rights #RockosModernLife #joemurray #rachelbighead

    (cries in my hands) i love rachel bighead so damn much....... #RockosModernLife #rockosmodernlifestaticcling

    Who knew Rocko's Modern Life would be providing the wholesome content we need in 2019?!