16 Filthy Jokes From "Rocko's Modern Life" You Didn't Get As A Kid

    So much innuendo.

    1. The time Rocko became a phone sex operator.

    2. When Rocko, Heffer and Filburt played a friendly game of spank the monkey.

    3. And when they watched this movie.

    4. When Heffer and Rocko went to this demo pit.

    5. The name of Rocko's fave restaurant.

    6. And this donut shop.

    7. This meal and its effect on people.

    8. This episode title.

    9. And this one.

    10. And this one.

    11. This character's name.

    12. And this one.

    13. This magazine.

    14. And this TV show.

    15. When Spunky had some private time with his mop.

    16. And when Heffer, a steer, got "milked".