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    14 Aussie Shops You Probably Forgot About Until Right Now

    All my pocket money used to be spent at Granny May's and Kleins.

    1. Granny May's,

    THE place to get stickers... and giggle at the "adult" section at the back.

    2. Kleins,

    Long before Diva or Lovisa, Kleins was there for all your cheap jewellery needs.

    3. Clint's Crazy Bargains,

    Say it with me now: "It's CRAAAAAAAZY!"

    4. Copperart,

    If you collected porcelain dolls, Copperart was one of your fave places.

    5. Red Earth

    Red Earth still exists as a brand, but back in the day their stores were EVERYWHERE.

    6. The Lost Forests

    While a store has just reopened in Melbourne, these magical places were once much more common.

    7. Tandy,

    Before there was JB Hi-Fi, you got all your high-tech toys (portable cassette player, anyone?) from Tandy.

    8. Darrell Lea,

    Sure, you can still get the products, but the stores themselves were HEAVEN.

    9. Brashs

    Twitter: @BrashsAustralia,

    An Australian institution that is sadly no longer with us.

    10. Grace Brothers

    Chances are if you live in NSW, your grandparents still call Myer "Grace Brothers".

    11. Fosseys,

    There was a time when Target Country stores were all Fosseys.

    12. Angus and Robertson,

    They still have a strong online presence, but once upon a time you couldn't go into a shopping centre without seeing one of these bookstores.

    13. Video Ezy,

    No sleepover was complete without a trip to the video shop.

    14. Tuckerbag

    Tuckerbag had Tucker โ€“ undoubtedly the most iconic supermarket mascot of all time.

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