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    18 "Newlyweds" Moments I'm Still Thinking About 15 Years Later

    RIP, Nick and Jessica. Thanks for the memories.

    1. When Jessica Simpson asked the now-infamous question about whether she was eating tuna or chicken.

    2. And when she got confused about what Buffalo wings are.

    3. When she was scared of whales.

    4. When she didn't approve of Nick Lachey's toast.

    5. When Jessica revealed how much she hated filling up the gas.


    6. When Nick explained Jessica's attitude toward life.

    7. When Nick tried to take Jessica golfing.

    8. When Jessica overshared about Nick's butt and how hairy it was.


    9. And when she overshared about her butt.


    10. And her bodily functions.

    11. When Nick was trying to make out, but Jessica was just thinking about Home Depot.

    12. And when they actually went to Home Depot and Jessica had a minor existential crisis.

    13. When the couple shared insight into their wedding day.

    14. And their honeymoon.

    15. When Jessica showed how attached she was to her Louis Vuitton bag, which literally everyone owned a knockoff of in the '00s.

    16. When Jessica revealed her main hobby.


    17. And she stressed out over spending too much on underwear.


    18. And finally, when Jessica had a crisis about turning the grand old age of 23.