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    I'm Obsessed With Netflix's "Sweet Tooth," So Here Are Some Facts I Just Learned

    Eleven-year-old Christian Convery trained in parkour and did his own stunts while playing Gus.

    1. Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan Downey, are executive producers of the series Sweet Tooth, choosing the story because they wanted a "great co-viewing experience for parents and kids."

    Susan Downey stands next to Robert Downey Jr; they're both smiling

    2. The pilot was shot over a year before the rest of the series, and the show creators were worried that Christian Convery, who plays Gus, would obviously age between episodes — luckily, this hasn't been the case.

    Gus is held in a headlock by a hunter

    3. Christian, 11, trained in parkour to prepare for the role and did a lot of his own stunts.

    Two men in military outfits hold a crying Gus by the arms

    4. He also read the comics by Jeff Lemire, which the show is based on, several times over.

    5. And he did a lot of research into deers and how they move and react to ensure authenticity in his performance.

    Gus crouches in a forest

    6. There are nods to Lemire's other works in the show — the Essex County Zoo is named after the Essex County graphic novel, and Gideon Place is named for Gideon Falls.

    Hey @JeffLemire, am i going crazy or is this references to your other works? (Essex County and Gideon Falls) #SweetTooth

    Twitter: @Marc_EL52

    7. Gus is named after Lemire's son — Lemire wrote the comic when his wife was pregnant with the real Gus.

    A young Gus blows out candles stuck in an apple while his father looks on

    8. Nonso Anozie, who plays Tommy Jepperd, said he had to really fight for the role because so many people wanted it.

    Jepperd sits next to Gus in a field with a broken-down plane behind them

    9. Anozie had five combat lessons to prepare for the role and did his own fight scenes in the show.

    Jepperd stands in front of trees holding a large gun

    10. The bulk of the series was filmed during the pandemic in 2020, and so some scenes hit all too close to home for those involved. "On set, you could hear a pin drop,” executive producer Amanda Burrell said of filming certain pandemic-heavy scenes.

    Dr. Singh and his wife attend a party

    11. All the baby hybrids are real puppets, inspired by the work of Jim Henson.

    A nurse holds a dog hybrid baby

    12. And Bobby is an animatronic puppet who was controlled by multiple puppeteers.

    Bobby closes his eyes and leans against someone's leg

    13. Gus's deer ears were also controlled by a puppeteer, who had to work closely with Christian to ensure that the movements happened in sync with his facial expressions.

    Gus smiles as a human boy touches his deer ears

    14. Costume designer Amanda Neale spent seven weeks trying to find the perfect plaid shirt for Gus, as an homage to the one the character wears in the comics.

    Gus wears a plaid shirt and stands near an open wooden door

    15. The show creators hired climate change consultants to ensure that the near-future world of Sweet Tooth felt as realistic as possible.

    Aimee stands in her office and looks out a dirty window covered in Post-its

    16. Bear doesn't exist in the comics, but the show creators introduced her because they wanted a teen girl protagonist to complement Gus and Jepperd.

    Bear stands in a market looking off to the side

    17. The show was filmed entirely in New Zealand, and the Animal Army headquarters were staged at a real amusement park called Rainbow's End.

    Bear and Tiger stand in an abandoned amusement park

    18. Finally, orange is used throughout the series not only to balance out the colors of the natural world but also as a symbol of hope.

    Gus sits in the forest holding a metal box in his lap