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    The 17 Most Addictive Korean Shows On Netflix

    Settle in for some serious bingeing.

    1. Squid Game

    A group of Squid Game guards stand in their red suits and masks at the entrance to the dorm

    2. Hellbound

    A man with face paint and blood on his face stands in the snow holding a weapon while someone is face down on the ground behind him

    3. Hotel del Luna

    Man-wol wears a dramatic veiled hat and holds up and old-fashioned gun with a serious look on her face

    4. My Name

    A woman stands in a fighting cage wearing boxing gloves as men cheer in the background

    5. It's Okay to Not Be Okay

    Moon-young rests her hand on Gang-tae's bare chest

    6. Extracurricular

    A teen boy wears a surgical mask on his chin and dirty clothes

    7. Sweet Home

    A young man stands in a defensive position holding a makeshift weapon and wearing bloody clothes

    8. Crash Landing on You

    Se-ri rests her head on Jeong-hyeok's shoulder as she sleeps

    9. Signal

    A woman cradles a distraught man in her arms as they both stare at a walkie talkie

    10. Romance Is a Bonus Book

    Eun-ho crouches on the ground next to Da-ni who sits on a stone pillar

    11. Mr. Sunshine

    A man in period clothes stares off into the distnace

    12. Oh My Ghost

    Sun-woo rests his arm on Bong-sun's head as she looks offended

    13. Stranger

    A woman and a man stare at each other over a coffee table in an office environment

    14. Because This Is My First Life

    Ji-ho holds Se-hee's hand and smiles up at him as he carries a stuffed toy in his other hand

    15. Vincenzo

    Vincenzo looks down at Cha-young with a serious expression

    16. Kingdom

    A group of bloodied men point rifles to the ground as a building burns behind them

    17. Boys Over Flowers

    Jun-pyo carries an unconscious Jandi in his arms as a crowd looks on

    Which K-dramas are you obsessed with?