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    Reminder That The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Were Hot (Especially Michelangelo)

    Those heroes in a half shell were hot, okay?

    Listen, when you're a kid, your affection gets pulled in all sorts of weird directions. Like, we all definitely had a crush on Robin Hood, the fox, and if you say otherwise you're lying.

    Simba was also known to turn a few heads.

    But you know what we don't talk about enough? How hot the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were.

    If you know, you know, okay?

    The beauty of the TMNT was that, with their four very different personalities, there was someone for everyone.

    Leo was the calm leader, Donatello was the smart one, and Raphael was the bad boy brooder. And then there was Michelangelo. The hottest of them all.

    Michelangelo was the joker on the team who didn't take life too seriously.

    And who can resist a guy (turtle) who makes you laugh?

    Michelangelo also knew how to appreciate the important things in life. Like pizza.

    Plus the boy had moves.

    Like, he was really skilled with his hands.

    Really skilled.

    He was a fierce and creative fighter.

    And despite all his humor, he also had a sensitive heart and wasn't afraid to express his emotions.

    So here's to everyone who had a crush on Michelangelo. We weren't weird at all.