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We Need To Talk About Meera Reed On "Game Of Thrones"

An underappreciated queen. Warning: Contains spoilers!

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As Meera is leaving Winterfell to be with her family, the scene between them – rather than an emotional farewell – basically confirms that Bran as we have known him is dead.


It's not a nice send-off for the one person who has been through so much with Bran. It's unclear if she'll return – her father Howland Reed was at the Tower of Joy (hello, R+L=J reveal), and Meera herself would be useful in the fight against the White Walkers. But there's not a lot of space for secondary characters anymore, so my hopes aren't particularly high. With that in mind, let's remember why Meera deserved SO much more than she got from that farewell...


She kept everyone fed, with a side order of sassiness.

She was always level-headed and gave smart advice.


She dragged his emo ass all the way to the Wall.

My poor, tired, heroic bb.


And she did all this after having to kill her own brother.