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19 Charts For People Who Kinda Suck At Makeup

Up your game with these easy-to-follow tips.

1. Learn how to colour correct:

2. And how to find the right shade of foundation:

3. Learn where to apply base products to look great in photos:

4. And here's an easy-to-follow guide to poppin' eyeshadow:

5. Plus some contouring basics:

6. Here's the best way to apply foundation with your hands:

7. And a powder tip everyone should know:

8. Learn how to do "no-makeup" makeup:

9. Learn your eyebrow type:

10. Figure out what colour eyeliner is best for your mood:

11. And what eyeliner shape you should go for:

12. Learn what different mascara wands do:

13. And here's a simple guide to makeup brushes in general:

14. Learn how to minimise mascara smudging:

15. And how to effectively line your waterline:

16. Get to know the expiration dates of your fave products:

17. And what all those symbols on the packaging mean:

18. If you want to get more creative, here's an easy cut-crease hack:

19. And here's how to nail an ombre lip: