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16 Tweets That Sum Up Just How Thirsty Everyone Is For Kristen Stewart Now

"Kristen Stewart, if you read this I'm free on Thursday night."

The new Charlie's Angels is a lot of fun, and the most fun of all is Kristen Stewart.

She's hilarious.

And kick-ass.

And really...



Forget all those internet boyfriends. The internet has a new girlfriend.


My full review will come later, but Kristen Stewart is such a goddamn movie STAR in Charlie's Angels. It's so nice to see!!


Went to a pre-screening of Charlie's Angels and the majority of the audience were gays thirsting after Kristen Stewart 10/10 would recommend


I saw Charlie's Angels tonight and my sexuality is like 97% straight but wowwwwww Kristen Stewart in this movie reeeeally nails that other 3


the outfits they put kristen stewart in for charlies angels....thank you wardrobe team thank you so much


I know I’m straight I know it in my soul but Kristen Stewart in that new Charlie’s Angels movie....


Just watched Charlie’s Angels and GOD it was good and I love Kristen Stewart but after this movie I LOVE Kristen Stewart


I just watched Charlie’s Angels and my gay ass spent the whole movie crying over how hot Kristen Stewart was. She could punch me in the face and I’d say thanks


In the new CHARLIE’S ANGELS, Naomi Scot says “I get it, you’re lady spies,” and then Kristen Stewart points at herself in this earnestly hilarious way and I truly just love the way she does that.


Just watched Elizabeth Banks' Charlie's Angels and hell, Kristen Stewart can do anything to me. I'm very willing.


kristen stewart if you read this im free on Thursday night and would like to hang out. Please respond to this and then hang out with me on Thursday night when I’m free


I urge y’all to watch Charlie’s Angels movie ASAP. Kristen Stewart in there is immensely everything. I shit you not.


just saw charlie's angels,, kristen stewart made me shed many gay tears


Having said that, this film taught me that I’d be perfectly happy to sit in a chair for two hours and watch Kristen Stewart try on various outfits


kristen stewart is so hot and so funny and I am so gay


give me 200 movies of kristen stewart being a chaotic gay spy please


After seeing #KristenStewart in @CharliesAngels you will want to join the congregation. #CharliesAngels #CharliesAngelsReviews