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    Updated on 5 Apr 2019. Posted on 23 Jun 2017

    I Rewatched Season 2 Of "Game Of Thrones" And Had A Lot Of Thoughts

    Getting ready for Season 7 by revisiting the past.

    Hello! My name is Jenna and I am a massive Game of Thrones fan.

    Jenna Guillaume

    Yes, that's me, nerding out in the ~Iron Islands~.

    Last year I rewatched the first season of Game of Thrones (you can read all about that here), and with Season 7 close upon us, I decided it was time to revisit the rest of the series in preparation. Here is what I thought of Season 2...

    Episode 1: "The North Remembers"


    1. Dragonstone is in the opening credits! Can’t wait to see it reappear in the Season 7 opening now that we know it’s where Daenerys will set up camp. 

    2. The first shot of the season is the Hound killing someone. Ah, back at home in Westeros. 

    3. Sansa is already manipulating Joffrey. How did people seriously ever think she was stupid or weak? 

    4. Tyrion just said to Tommen, “you’re going to be bigger than the Hound”, AND I’M SOBBING ALREADY. 

    5. Tyrion is being so nice to Sansa. I really hope we see them reunite in Season 7, it will be VERY interesting. 

    6. There’s a white raven! Announcing summer is over! Meanwhile it only took winter another five seasons to arrive.

    7. Cersei wants to shut the gates to refugees. Who does that remind me of? Hmmmm.

    8. Tyrion is whistling the Rains of Castamere. TRIGGERED.

    9. Oh man, I can’t wait to see Cersei and Tyrion go head to head again. Please make it happen this season!

    10. “You love your children. It’s your one redeeming quality. That and your cheekbones.” Well, at least she’s still got ONE redeeming quality.

    11. Seeing Bran acting as Lord of Winterfell reminds me - if he returns to Winterfell in Season 7 (and it looks like he will), how does that affect the whole King in the North (Jon)/Lady of Winterfell (Sansa) situation?

    12. The comet! I really hope we revisit this and they confirm who Azor Ahai actually is at some point.

    13. Luwin! Summer! Hodor! Osha! So many now-dead characters. I’m not OK. 

    14. Awww Baby Drogon. 

    15. RIP Dany’s horse. :(

    16. “No one will take my dragons.” Lol just you wait. 

    17. “I will not fail you.” Rakharo says as he rides away, never to be seen alive again. People really need to stop making farewell promises on this show, it’s a guarantee that they’re gonna die before they can fulfill them.


    18. Ugggh Craster. In a world of disgusting men, he is one of the worst.

    19. “You’re prettier than half my daughters.” Jon gets that a lot. (It’s true.)

    20. “Let them come. My roots are sunk deep.” Of course Craster isn’t worried about what’s coming. He’s the White Walkers’ baby dealer, they gotta keep him safe. 

    21. OK but wait, if those baby boys get turned into White Walkers, does that mean technically anyone could be turned into one? Like, what if one of our faves gets turned into a White Walker?! Talk about a bittersweet ending. 

    22. Jeor just asked Jon if he wants to lead one day, and he nodded. KING IN THE NORTH. 

    23. Oooh, first appearance of Dragonstone in the show - and we’re introduced to Melisandre, Stannis, and Davos! What a scene.

    24. “In the ancient books it’s written that a warrior will draw a burning sword from the fire. And that sword shall be Lightbringer.” OK so it’s interesting that Davos picks up that sword after Stannis plunges it into the sand, but I really don’t think that’s actually Lightbringer, or that Davos is Azor Ahai, as some people believe. 

    25. What DID happen to Stannis’ sword, though? 

    26. There’s the painted table! I have a feeling we’re going to see some epic scenes around it this season.


    28. “Your father raised me to be an honourable man.” YEAH HE DID THEON. Didn’t really follow through though, did you?

    29. “We will all be together again soon, I promise.” Robb is one heck of a promise-breaker.

    30. So one of Joffrey’s first acts as ruler is to remodel the throne room. It looks like Cersei will follow suit. 

    31. It’s so satisfying every time Joffrey gets slapped.

    32. I feel bad for all those baby Baratheon bastards, but also I’m glad Gendry got out before this massacre happened. 

    33. And there he is! The beautiful bastard! He seriously needs to return this season. He’s the only character left from the S.S. Abandoned Plotlines who hasn’t reappeared. Then again, considering the fate of the rest of the crew… maybe it’s best if he doesn’t return.

    Episode 2: "The Night Lands"


    34. Oh hey Jaqen! 

    35. The Rains of Castamere again. TRIGGERED AGAIN. 

    36. Tyrion has no time for Varys’ veiled threats. I love it.

    37. Wait, didn’t Jeor send someone down with the wight hand to prove his story about the undead? Does that mean someone disposed of the evidence - or is it just a plot hole? 

    38. Cersei is so dismissive of the supernatural. Can’t wait to see how she reacts to dragons and White Walkers knocking down her door. 

    39. GHOST. We need to see more of him in Season 7! There are no giants left to use up the direwolf CGI budget now. (Although there is fuck-off huge dragons.)

    40. “You’re very brave.” Pretty sure Gilly just gave Sam a boner with three words. 

    41. RIP Rakharo. :(

    42. “They don’t like the idea of a woman leading a khalasar.” “They will like it far less when I am done with them.” YEAH THEY WILL, KHALEESI.


    43. Aw, Theon looks so happy to be returning home to the Iron Islands. 

    44. Big Dick Pod is in the house!

    45. I am here for Tyrion ripping into Janos Slynt and banishing him to the Wall. 

    46. I love this scene between Gendry and Arya, where he discovers her identity. It’s one of my favourite lighter moments in the whole series.

    47. Ugh, I’m getting a bit emotional at Gendry saying “I should be calling you m’lady”, considering that’s how he said goodbye to her.

    48. Theon feeling up Yara makes me soooo uncomfortable. Like, I know Yara was testing him but she seems to enjoy it a biiiit too much. 


    50. “You might find it difficult to rule over millions who want you dead.” Wonder how what’s left of those millions feel about Cersei now, hmmmm? 

    51. Melisandre mentions how Stannis’ wife has given him nothing, conveniently forgetting about precious bb Shireen. 

    52. Oooh Jon just saw his first White Walker. It definitely won’t be his last.

    Episode 3: "What Is Dead May Never Die"


    53. Jon Snow is SHOOK at the idea that the Night’s Watch does deals with Craster, knowing how reprehensible he is. Jon believed in fairy tales just as much as Sansa. 

    54. “The dragons are gone. The giants are dead. And the children of the forest forgotten.” Sorry Maester Luwin but you could not be more wrong. 



    57. Yaaass Brienne. What a badass entrance. 

    58. I love the way they show Renly greeting his men and asking them personal questions. He actually would have been a great king.

    59. “You gave me away! Your boy! Your last boy!” You tell him Theon! This scene is heart-wrenching. I mean, I hate what Theon does after this, but I understand why he does it.

    60. BB Tommen saying that he wouldn’t like it if Joffrey killed Sansa’s brother has ruined me on several levels.  

    61. Ah, the shot of Sansa drinking wine that sums up how we literally all feel watching this show.


    62. Question. If Varys or Littlefinger had turned out to be Cersei’s spy, does that mean Myrcella would have had to marry Theon or Robin Arryn, instead of being sent to Dorne?

    63. “What’s in it for me?” Are they the words of House Baelish? Because if not, they should be.

    64. Margaery, you’ll be glad Renly didn’t put a baby in your belly when Melisandre’s baby stabs him in the back.

    65. I almost feel bad for Cersei when she finds out Myrcella is being sent away. Lena Headey is so damn good.

    66. If only Theon had sent that letter he wrote warning Robb of his father’s plans. 

    67. Rewatching this series is one big “if only” after another.

    68. “Power resides where men believe it resides. It’s a trick. A shadow on the wall. And a very small man can cast a very large shadow.” One of the most iconic speeches in a series of iconic speeches. 

    69. “You didn’t see that. I made damn sure.” Yoren, you’re gonna make me cry.

    70. Oh god, he’s protecting Arya and Gendry to the last. Yoren, you’re DEFINITELY gonna make me cry. 

    71. Gendry leading the charge to fight the Lannisters is giving me so much life.

    Episode 4: "Garden Of Bones"


    72. Ah. The once-in-a-season reminder that the smallfolks exist. Just to get killed off.

    73. FUCK YEAAAAAH ROBB. Those “King in the North” cries sound so good.

    74. Oh we’re still in the “no budget for actual battles” zone.

    75. Ugggggggh Roose Bolton uggggggggggh.

    76. Uh-oh Robb has set eyes on Talisa. We all know this won’t end well. :(

    77. There’s nothing sexier than watching someone hack into a poor guy’s leg, eh Robb?

    78. I hate watching Joffrey abuse Sansa in front of the whole court. I just want to protect her.  

    79. Fuck Meryn Trant. Fuck Joffrey. Can’t wait to see them both get what’s coming to them all over again.

    80. Here for Tyrion coming to save the day like the goddamn hero he is.

    81. “Lady Stark. You may survive us yet.” YES. People recognising Sansa Stark’s true value is my aesthetic. 

    82. “There’s no cure for being a cunt.” That is definitely Bronn’s best line. 

    83. Ugggh. Joffrey abusing Ros and the other sex worker makes me feel so sick. It’s even worse knowing what later happens to Ros. 

    84. Harrenhal really is a horror house.

    85. And Arya’s list begins. “Joffrey. Cersei. Ilyn Payne. The Hound.” Oh, it’s only short at this stage.



    87. Hey, whatever happened to Ned’s bones?

    88. First mention of the Brotherhood!

    89. This rat torture scene is so hard to watch. Eek.

    90. And Arya’s list just got a bit longer. 

    91. “Born amidst salt and smoke. Is he a ham?” I love Renly.

    92. “Would you believe? I loved him once.” Renly talking about Stannis is how we all now feel about Stannis.

    93. Blergh I am not a fan of the whole Qarth plot. 

    94. Thank fuck for Tywin Lannister, for once in his life. He rode in just in time to save Gendry.

    95. So interesting to see Lancel as Cersei’s little lapdog, knowing where he ended up.

    96. I love seeing Tyrion in action as Hand. He’s so clever. More of this in Season 7, please!

    97. “Fewer.” Stannis, you might never have been the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, but you will always be the king of grammar.

    98. Where is Davos’ wife these days? He doesn’t seem to give her so much as a second thought.

    99. Ahhh, the shadow baby! I remember the first time I saw this it BLEW MY MIND. I WAS LIKE WTF?!?!????!?!

    100. I am still like WTF?!?!????!?!

    Episode 5: The Ghost Of Harrenhal


    101. “Together, we could end this war in a fortnight.” Goddamn. If only Stannis hadn’t killed Renly. He would have joined forces with Robb and everything would have been so, so different.

    102. The White Walkers would still be knocking at the Wall, I suppose.

    103. Poor Loras never truly got his revenge. They totally wasted his character in later seasons. 

    104. “Do you want to be a queen?” “No, I want to be THE queen.” God, I love Margaery. She deserved better than she got.

    105. So Lancel was the first person to utter “wildfire” on the show, talking about Cersei’s plans to use it, and he became the first person to be killed by it when Cersei actually did use it.

    106. Theon no! Who cares what this bunch of pricks think of you! THINK OF ROBB!

    107. Season 2 Jaqen > all other Jaqens.

    108. I love how Sam’s nerdiness allows the show to deliver some history lessons. What lessons will he deliver in Season 7, hmmmm?

    109. “The contents of this room could lay King’s Landing low.” Prophetic.


    110. Awwwww, baby Drogon is learning “dracarys”. I feel like a proud parent.

    111. The warlock is so freaking creepy.

    112. Ohhh Quaithe, the masked woman. We probably won’t see her again, but I’d love to know more about her. 

    113. Brienne recognising the true courage and value of Cat and pledging her services - and later following the same path with Sansa - gives me so many feelings. 

    114. Rickon crushing those nuts is a metaphor for GRRM crushing all our hopes and dreams.

    115. “If we can’t protect our own bannermen, why should they protect us?” Bran’s words take on a whole new meaning given the events of Season 6. 

    116. “There are times when I look at you, and I still can’t believe you’re real.” Jorah just realised he said that out loud and is shitting himself. Meanwhile Dany gives a nice, not-so-subtle reminder that he is her advisor and nothing more. 

    117. I forgot that Jorah told Dany she only needed one boat to get to Westeros and then she’d find allies there. Seems like a bad plan, Jorah. 


    119. He can smith my sword any day.

    Episode 6: The Old Gods And The New


    120. I’m so mad at Theon for taking Winterfell. Even after everything. 

    121. YES Ser Rodrick. Drag him.

    122. No Theon. Don’t do it. Don’t kill him. 

    123. Rodrick: “I’m off to see your father.” Bran: *sobbing*. Me: *sobbing even more*.

    124. I can’t watch this scene. It’s too fucking brutal. 

    125. “My father always said I’m of the North.” Jon’s memories of Ned make me emotional. Also, I wonder if Ned always said that just to reinforce Jon’s Stark-ness, to try and distance him from his potential southern Targ-ness.

    126. This scene, where Arya is serving Tywin and Littlefinger as they discuss her family, is so tense. 

    127. Ygritte has arrived! And Jon won’t stick her with the pointy end. 

    128. Yet. 

    129. The Iceland setting really is exquisite.

    130. Poor Myrcella. Off to Dorne, never to return. 

    131. Omg I can’t take bb Tommen crying for her.

    132. “I saw you cry.” Do you need some ice for that burn, Joffrey?

    133. Uh-oh the crowd’s getting rowdy. I love that Tyrion’s first thought was to protect Tommen.


    134. OH SHIT I forgot the crowd literally ripped that guy limb from limb. 

    135. Tyrion screaming at Joffrey and hitting him feels so damn good. 

    136. On the other hand, the attempted attack on Sansa is truly terrifying. 

    137. At least the Hound was there to save her. 

    138. “She has a talent for drama, this one.” Sleazy Qarth guy has seriously nailed Dany. 

    139. They really glossed over the fact that Dany dreamt about putting her dragon eggs into the fire in Season 1. 

    140. I love the interactions between Tywin and Arya. It’s one of my favourite parts of this season. 

    141. Such a shame Arya had to waste one of the names on Jaqen’s list on Amory Lorch.

    142. Oh man, remember all the theories that Talisa was secretly a spy? I kinda wish they were true.

    143. “You’re brave. Stupid, but brave.” Ygritte has seriously nailed Jon Snow. 

    144. The way she teases him and makes him so uncomfortable is the best.

    145. Roose just casually mentioning his bastard at the Dreadfort. I didn’t even pick up on it the first time around. Oh, sweet summer child that I was.

    146. “Tell your son Bran and Rickon’s safety is paramount.” Well that hurts like hell.

    147. Theon fell for Osha’s tricks much more easily than Ramsay did. 

    148. RIP Irri. :(

    149. “WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?” That phrase still haunts me.

    Episode 7: "A Man Without Honor"


    150. Jesus. Theon saying “it’s just a game”, while chasing someone in the woods with hounds, hits a bit too close to home. 

    151. “Did you pull a knife on me in the night?” Looool. I love Ygritte.

    152. Tywin was so obsessed with his legacy. Look where that got him. 

    153. DO IT ARYA! KILL HIM!

    154. Arya fangirling over Aegon’s sisters is so cute. 

    155. “You remind me of my daughter.” That’s not a compliment, Tywin. 

    156. SanSan! (I honestly don’t get that ship but I do like their interactions.)

    157. “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” SHE DID IT. SHE SAID THE LINE. 

    158. I love the House Stark theme music. It’s so hauntingly beautiful.

    159. “I'm looking at spending the rest of my life being treated like a fool and a eunuch by my own people. Ask yourself if there's anything I wouldn't do to stop that from happening?” Oh my god. How did I not notice Theon saying that line before? This goddamn show.

    160. I forgot about Dany’s crisis of confidence. Without her dragons she loses a lot of her bluster.

    161. Ooft she sure put Jorah in his place. 

    162. “And I thought that we were done, but then he said ‘turn back around’.” Damn I didn’t realise how much I missed Ygritte until now.

    163. Don’t worry Sansa, I had the same reaction to my first period. 

    164. Cersei telling Sansa how much of a comfort her children will be is one of the kindest things she’s ever done. 

    165. “The more people you love, the weaker you are.” I guess Cersei is feeling super strong these days hey.

    166. At this stage Cersei kind of hates Joffrey as much she loves him.


    167. “I’ll remember it all until I die.” Not long left, then. Poor, poor Lannister cousin. His hero worship of Jaime did not end well. 

    168. “All who travel too close to the Doom must have protection.” Jorah, you should have paid more attention here. 

    169. One warlock creep is too many, let alone 13.

    170. Karstarks. TRAITORS.

    171. I love she-wolf Cat. She’s so fierce. 

    172. These scenes where Cersei and Tyrion (almost) connect are so great. When Cersei shows vulnerability around him, and he tries to comfort her - ugh, it’s perfect.

    173. “Who wants to die defending a Lannister?” Why do I get the feeling that might be exactly how Brienne dies?

    174. Cat freeing Jaime was reckless but I get why she did it. She was about to lose her only leverage and the chance to get the girls back. 

    175. “Where did you find this beast?” Jaime how dare you. 

    176. The way Brienne’s honour, and the way it contrasts with Jaime’s lack of it, is set up from their very first meeting is brilliant. 

    177. “The walking, talking reminder that the honourable Lord Eddard Stark fucked another woman.” Nice reminder how out-of-character it would have been for Ned to do this. GOOD THING HE DIDN’T.

    178. It breaks my heart that Cat died never knowing the truth. 

    179. Oh, those poor, poor farm boys. 

    180. Theon, you fucked up.

    Episode 8: "The Prince Of Winterfell"


    181. YARA IS HERE. The way she rides in to Winterfell is glorious. Also kind of reminds me of Lyanna showing off by riding around her brothers in that flashback we saw in Season 6.

    182. “And now that you’ve decorated your walls with the bodies of the Stark boys, every man in the North wants to see you hanged.” Ah, back when the Northerners gave a shit about dead Stark boys.

    183. (Until Jon Snow and Sansa reminded them to care.)

    184. Yara is being so sweet to Theon right now. I love how their relationship developed. 

    185. You can tell Qhorin is so disappointed in Jon Snow.

    186. And Ygritte is already half in love with him.

    187. “I want to go home.” The yearning in Robb’s voice kills me. 

    188. It hurts to see Robb so mad at Cat. I mean, it’s justified, but it hurts.

    189. Yaaass, the start of Brienne and Jaime’s epic road trip. One of my favourite plotlines. 

    190. “Do you think you could? Do you think you could beat me in a fair fight?” “Maybe one day we’ll find out, Kingslayer.” OK, I can totally see these two meeting on the battlefield at some point before this show is over. Especially now that they’re carrying twin swords. Imagine the emotion! The drama!

    191. Although I’d prefer seeing them fight side by side. Come on Jaime, ditch Cersei already!


    192. Has Bronn been in a siege before? He sure knows a lot about them. 

    193. They found the dragonglass!

    194. Naming Jaqen is genius, well done Arya. I also love the fact she just shrugs when he says, “a girl lacks honour”. So un-Starky of her.

    195. Poor Ros gets one shitty treatment after another. She deserved better!

    196. Cersei is so pleased with herself and she doesn’t even have the right girl. 

    197. “I will hurt you for this. The day will come when you think you’re safe and happy, and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth. And you will know the debt is paid.” Such a good threat. Such a big mistake. 

    198. Tyrion loved Shae so much. The way their story ended is pretty fucked.

    199. “My bastard is only a few days from Winterfell.” Keep your bastard away from Winterfell, Roose Bolton. 

    200. No Robb. Don’t sic Ramsay on Winterfell. 

    201. No Robb. Don’t kiss Talisa. 

    202. Me, this whole season: Robb, no! Robb, this whole season: Robb, yes!

    203. Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie just walking out of Harrenhal is such a good moment. Thanks, Jaqen.

    204. Giving Storm’s End to Renly after Stannis held it through the rebellion was a pretty shitty move on Robert’s behalf.

    205. This is a lovely moment between Stannis and Davos. You know, aside from all the talk of eating cats and dogs. 

    206. Tyrion is talking about how he was in charge of the drains and cisterns at Casterly Rock. I feel like that might come in handy for a certain attack that may or may not be happening in Season 7.

    207. Varys and Tyrion discussing Daenerys and her dragons is giving me goosebumps. 

    208. “They are the only children I will ever have.” OK, I have a theory I’m just gonna put out there: I think Jon and Dany are totally gonna bang and I think he MIGHT get her pregnant. That’s how he will ~wake dragons from stone~. 

    Episode 9: "Blackwater"


    209. Episode 9! Here we go.

    210. This is the least distressing out of all the Episode 9s tbh. No one we truly love dies. It’s quite tame, comparatively speaking. 

    211. Davos’ son was so charmless. Nothing like his father.

    212. The Rains of Castamere. TRIGGERED.

    213. Varys talking about how much he fears Stannis sitting on the Iron Throne because of his ties to the Red Woman and the “dark arts” makes me wonder how he’s going to handle Melisandre rocking up at Dragonstone in Season 7. 

    214. Maybe we’ll finally learn what he heard in the flames.

    215. I am so here for Sansa passive aggressively baiting Joffrey. 

    216. “The worst ones always live.” NOT ANYMORE, SANSA. 

    217. “More wine.” - Cersei’s own words.

    218. Finally, an actual battle happening on screen!

    219. I know exactly what happens, and it’s still so tense. I blame the drums.

    220. Poor Davos, seeing his son die in front of him.

    221. LOL remember when this was a big, shocking explosion. Cersei really managed to one-up her little brother.

    222. Stannis is relentless. In moments like this I do miss him.

    223. Then I remembered what he did to precious bb Shireen.


    224. I love drunk Cersei. She gives free reign to her bitterness and it’s pretty entertaining. 

    225. Ah, the wound that would start Lancel on the journey to the Sparrows. I barely paid any attention to him the first time around. Who knew it would become so significant?

    226. I hate Cersei but man do I FEEL her rage at the sexist constraints of her life.

    227. The Hound murdered children. Did everything Joffrey ordered. And all it took was a bit of fire for him to be like, “fuck this, I’m out”.

    228. He gets one hell of a mic-drop moment here. 

    229. I love Tyrion in full leadership mode. I’m still mad at the way he’s treated after he basically saves King’s Landing. 


    231. Sansa is a true leader, keeping all those women calm. QUEEN IN THE NORTH. 

    232. Ahhhhhh she has the doll Ned gave her! BRB sobbing.  

    233. Yes Sansa! Go with him! Go with the Hound! 

    234. “You won’t hurt me.” “No little bird, I won’t hurt you.” My heart!

    235. The sound effects are the worst part of the battle scenes. So gross. 

    236. Fuck yeah Pod, come through!

    237. Seeing Cersei with Tommen on that throne, ready to kill him, hurts so much after Season 6. 

    238. That shot of Loras taking his helmet off is glorious.

And the Rains of Castamere plays over the credits. MOTHER FUCKING TRIGGERED.

    Episode 10: "Valar Morghulis"


    240. This opening shot of Tyrion's eye is reminiscent of him waking up after the Battle of the Green Fork. It also reminds me of the opening shot of Ned’s eye in Season 1, Episode 9. 

    241. Pycelle is such a prick. 

    242. Tywin riding into court on his goddamn horse is pretty amazing.

    243. But I am so indignant at Tywin getting all the recognition for what was mostly Tyrion’s work. 

    244. Varys is not pleased that Littlefinger got his hands on Harrenhal.

    245. Damn Margaery you’re good. 

    246. That little smile Sansa gives as she walks away warms my heart. If only that happiness lasted a little longer. 

    247. Get away from her, Littlefinger. KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF HER.

    248. Bless Varys for recognising Ros’ value.

    249. Omg Jaime’s attempt at a smallfolk accent is hilarious.

    250. “I was not expecting that.” - Jaime after seeing Brienne totally kick ass.

    251. I love how Brienne gets revenge for those nameless dead women. It’s horrific, but so damn satisfying.

    252. “Walder Frey is a dangerous man to cross.” LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER ROBB. 

    253. “Treat your oaths recklessly and your people will do the same.” OK so upon rewatching this season, the way the Northern lords reacted to Sansa and Jon’s initial plea for help is making more sense. There were seeds planted along the way. 

    254. “I’ve been fighting far longer than you.” Now we know how true Melisandre’s words really were. 

    255. Oh sure, now you’re horrified you murdered your brother, Stannis. 

    256. “You will betray the men serving you. You will betray your family. You will betray everything you once held dear. But it will all be worth it… you will be king.” How did Mel get everything right except for the most important bit?

    257. I feel for Theon here. This is such a good scene. 

    258. Maybe Theon will end up in the Night’s Watch, after all. That, or dead. I don’t really see any other options for him at this point. 

    259. Theon’s speech is awesome. He was ready to die a hero's death. Shame his people have no honour. 

    260. Seeing him hit on the head is so anti-climactic but so funny. It shouldn’t be, in hindsight, but it is. 

    261. On the other hand, seeing Maester Luwin stabbed in the gut feels like I’ve been punched in mine.


    262. “We will not forget.” Varys acknowledging Tyrion’s role in saving the city - and the fact it will be glossed over, but not by everyone - is making me very emotional. 

    263. “You have a shit memory. I am yours and you are mine.” No Shae, YOU have a shit memory. Why didn’t you remember that instead of getting all pissy that Tyrion was forced to marry Sansa?

    264. Goddammit Robb. 

    265. Oh here we go, the House of the Undying. The best part of this whole Qarth storyline. 

    266. Arya mentions her dancing master to Jaqen, Syrio is Jaqen confirmed. 

    267. I remember the first time I saw his face change I was like, whoooooooa. 

    268. So the Boltons have already turned on the Starks at this point, seeing as how Ramsay BURNED WINTERFELL DOWN. I totally didn’t put it together at the time. 

    269. RIP Maester Luwin. :(

    270. “I don’t want to leave you.” “No more than I want to leave you.” Fucking hell, I’m ruined. 

    271. I wish more of Dany’s vision in the House of the Undying made it from the book on to the screen. 

    272. Maybe it would have given too much away? My theory is the vision she sees of Rhaegar in the book is not actually showing him with Elia and Aegon, but with Lyanna and Jon.

    273. Anyway, if we couldn’t have those visions, I’m glad we got to see Drogo and Rhaego. This is one of my favourite scenes in the whole series. It totally breaks my heart.

    274. She found the baby dragons!

    275. “They will be waiting a long time.” I mean, true though.

    276. Fire is Dany’s answer to everything.

    277. Jon is really pissed now. Qhorin mentioned his mother. I don’t think he could have actually killed him before that point. 

    278. Doreah, you traitor.

    279. OK how did Sam seriously get out of this situation alive? The White Walker looked RIGHT AT HIM.  

    280. The white walkers wore much less clothes in Season 2.

    281. Whew! What a ride. I have to say, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Season 2 has always been my least fave (after Season 5), but now I’m rethinking that. Meanwhile, on to rewatching Season 3. Stay tuned.

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