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I Rewatched The Sixth Season Of "Game Of Thrones" And Had A Lot Of Thoughts

Bring on Season 7.

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Previously: I rewatched Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, and Season 5.

1. Ghost’s howls hurt my soul.

2. Lol I spent a good few hours of my life analysing that bloodstain last season. It definitely looks like a dragon though.

3. “I saw him fighting in the flames at Winterfell.” Melisandre you’re not wrong this time.

4. “If you were planning to see tomorrow, you picked the wrong room.” I love Edd so fucking much.

5. Oh, the irony of Thorne killing Jon because he thought having the wildlings nearby put the lives of men of the Night’s Watch at risk, only for that action to trigger men of the Night’s Watch inviting the wildlings in to kill other men of the Night’s Watch.

6. I don’t buy that Ramsay truly loved Miranda. I don’t think he’s capable of actual love.

7. Well it only took 13 minutes for me to start tearing up. This Sansa and Theon scene has done it. 

8. Theon heading back to face the Bolton men, after everything he’s been through, just to save Sansa, is so damn good. 

9. YAAASS BRIENNE. Yas Pod! Yas Brienne!

10. I love the way this scene, where Brienne pledges herself to Sansa, mirrors the time she pledged herself to Cat.


11. That little hopeful “Myrcella” from Cersei is quite heartbreaking.

12. This courtyard she’s walking through looks like it could be the one that has the giant map painted on it in the Season 7 trailer. Cersei has certainly been busy redecorating. 

13. How different this is to Myrcella’s send-off, when there were hundreds of people. Cersei is so alone now. 

14. You can see the moment she realises. Lena Headey is doing some truly excellent face acting here.

15. This conversation about dead bodies is so gruesome.

16. “I don’t know where she came from. She was nothing like me. No meanness. No jealousy. Just good. I thought if I could make something so good, so pure, maybe I’m not a monster.” This is a small, quiet scene, but it’s still a standout for me. It says so much about Cersei’s thinking and motivation. I like the way it throws back to the prophecy we saw in the first episode of Season 5, too.

17. I hate seeing Margery like this.

18. Can’t wait to see the High Sparrow blown up tbh.

19. It still makes no sense to me that Ellaria and the Sand Snakes would kill Doran and Trystane as part of their quest to avenge Oberyn. Like… kill of his family? That he loved? That are YOUR family? What?

20. “Well. We won’t be sailing to Westeros anytime soon.” I’m glad that wasn’t true. 

21. My aesthetic: Daenerys pretending not to know a language only to surprise the sexist, awful men who are mocking her with it. 

22. Of course they only respect her after they find out she’s another man’s property. Not for her own sake. Sigh.

23. I like the way Dany goes right back to the beginning of her journey before returning to Westeros.

24. Ugggh, the Waif, ugggh.

25. “It’s a sad fucking statement if Dolorous Edd is our only chance.” I wonder if this will be more significant in the future, now that he’s kinda Lord Commander and all. 

26. Game of Thrones loves to troll us. We’re all waiting for Melisandre to revive Jon, but they just reveal she’s a super old lady instead.

27. Yes, yes, yes, Bran is back and he’s brought with him all the very best in flashbacks.

28. I so hope we get to see more in S7. *cough* Tourney at Harrenhal *cough* Battle of the Trident *cough*.

29. This flashback, with references to Jon’s comment to Olly last season, the way it mirrors the set-up of the pilot, the inclusion of Lyanna, the glimpses of Old Nan and Rodrick, and everything with Hodor/Willis, is freaking amazing and makes me so emotional.

30. “You finally show me something I care about, and then you drag me away.” Me @ this show.

31. Bran was so happy to be home in his vision. I can’t wait to see him ACTUALLY at home, which he will be this season if that one shot in the trailer is anything to go by.


33. Olly got real tall overnight.

34. I am living for how much Ghost is in these early episodes. Too bad he disappeared for the rest of the season. 

35. Wow I feel so different seeing this wildling attack on Castle Black compared with the last one.

36. Lol, so do the Night’s Watch.

37. There’s a lot of heads being crushed against walls in this episode.

38. It’s interesting the sins Jaime brings up here: killing the king, killing his cousin, and helping Tyrion escape. They’re the things that weigh most heavily on his mind.

39. The High Sparrow is so shocked that Jaime would contemplate spilling blood in that “holy place”. Just wait until Cersei blows the whole joint up.


40. “I should have pulled down the sept onto the High Sparrow’s head… as you would for me.” THAT FORESHADOWING.

41. “That’s what I do. I drink, and I know things.” Iconic Tyrion line.

42. I looooooove this dragon scene. I don’t think Tyrion is secretly a Targaryen, but it’s a great scene nonetheless.


44. Roose is so shocked that Ramsay stabs him. THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR RAISING A MONSTER, YOU MONSTER.

45. It’s so satisfying, the way his death mirrors the way he killed Robb.

46. Poor Walda and her baby. This is so horrific.

47. Sansa hearing about Arya from Brienne brings me joy.

48. I love Yara Greyjoy so much.

49. “I am the storm.” The way Jon’s line later in the season about the Night King echoes Euron’s lines about himself is very interesting.

50. Look at Mel, she’s feeling the cold now. She’s lost all faith. 

51. SUCH A GOOD REVEAL. I can’t believe we had to go two whole episdes before they actually brought him back.

52. I’m glad Ghost was there for it.

53. This is huge moment but also I kinda wanna talk about how glorious Jon Snow is naked. Ahem. 

54. “Olly… he put a knife in my heart.” Mine too, Jon. 

55. Mel found a new prince. It’s enough to make me think Jon isn’t actually the prince that was promised. Mel has never exactly been right about this.

56. “I did what I thought was right, and I got murdered for it.” That line sums up the whole Stark family plot.

57. “Good. Now go fail again.” I need a Davos in my life to give me pep talks. 

58. I adore these lighthearted interactions Jon has with Tormund and Edd.

59. TOWER OF JOY. TOWER OF JOY. I know they’re just teasing us this time but I still love it.

60. It’s so fascinating to see Bran confront the fact that his father was involved in a dishonourable fight.

61. And the way it foreshadows the impact he’ll have on Hodor. SOB.

62. “Why did you do that? Take me back there. I want to go back.” SAME. Only seven episodes to go this time.

63. “You won’t be an old man in a tree.” Will he even be an old man? I don’t see Bran surviving past the end of the series.

64. Missandei has no time for Tyrion’s smugness, lol.


65. “That is one trial by combat I look forward to watching.” This whole episode is just one tease after another. I really hope we actually get Cleganebowl in Season 7.

66. Olenna dragging Cersei is perfect, as always.

67. Oh bb Tommen, trying to roar again. Still just meowing.

68. It’s interesting how this scene connects back with Tywin’s advice to Tommen. The High Sparrow moves into the massive hole Tywin’s death left in Tommen’s life. Unfortunately.

69. “And four brothers.” Arya you’re gonna make me cry.  

70. Arya’s list has certainly gotten shorter. 

71. Remember when we thought the Umbers might be part of some Northern conspiracy to overthrow the Boltons? And that they hadn’t really betrayed the Starks and put Rickon’s life at risk? LOLOL (SOB). 


73. It should not be so satisfying to watch Olly die. But it is. This show has turned me into a monster.

74. “My watch has ended.” That mic drop, though.

75. So Jon’s just had the Stark armor in his wardrobe the whole time, then?
Watch out, Tormund has spotted Brienne.

76. Brb just watching this reunion scene between Jon and Sansa 10 times. I love it so much.

77. “We never should never have left Winterfell.” Another line that sums up the whole Stark storyline. 

78. Sexuality: Jon Snow laughing. 

79. “Where will WE go.” Siiiiiiiigh. I live for the Starks getting back together and fucking up their enemies.

80. My skin is crawling. Littlefinger must be on screen again. 

81. Robyn Arryn hasn’t just been hit with the puberty stick, but the whole damn tree.


82. Tyrion’s privilege is showing in these scenes. I love the way Missandei and Grey Worm stand up to him.

83. Poor, poor Ser Loras.

84. Three brother/sister reunions in this episode. So good.

85. RIP Osha. 

86. Sansa is so determined to save Rickon here. But she gives up on him so easily at Winterfell. Did she change her mind, or was she using the prospect of saving Rickon to get Jon to fight? I hope it’s the former. 

87. Dany is a bit unhinged, hey. This is still an amazing moment.

88. Oh no. I’m not ready for this episode. 

89. This scene where Sansa confronts Littlefinger and talks about what Ramsay did to her is so important.

90. Just wanna say whoever thinks she is pregnant is definitely wrong. 

91. “You freed me from the monsters who murdered my family, and you gave me to monsters who murdered my family.” YOU TELL HIM, SANSA.

92. It was honestly such a huge fuck-up from Littlefinger. He should know better. 

93. Ugh I hate how he tries to divide Sansa and Jon.

94. Poor Arya, rewatching this reenactment of Ned’s death. It reminds me of Sansa watching the performance of Robb’s death at the Purple Wedding.

95. I like the way the play shows a different interpretation of events.

96. WHOA DICK CLOSE-UP. I was not expecting that, even though I’ve seen this episode before.

97. Are all the Children of the Forest women? And all the White Walkers men?

98. “I am Theon Greyjoy… and she is your rightful ruler.” I’m crying. 

99. A smart, competent woman losing an election to a ranting and raving, sexist man. Where have I seen that before…

100. At least Yara stole Euron’s idea and got the hell out of there.


101. It’s kinda cool to see Dany back in Dothraki gear.

102. I do hope Jorah finds a cure. If that’s his arm in the season 7 trailer, it’s not looking good. 

103. “Who said anything about him?” I love how this season is all about powerful women.

104. I really thought we’d see more of Kinvara. 

105. I am looking forward to finding out what Varys heard. We have to, sooner or later, right?

106. No Bran. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. 

107. Siiigh. I knew he was gonna fuck up, but it’s frustrating to watch again. 

108. “Am I ready?” “No.” ME EITHER.

109. I hate Sansa lying to Jon. 

110. But I love this scene where she gives him the wolf cloak. Sansa’s needle can be just as powerful as Arya’s, in her own way.

111. “Don’t knock it down while I’m gone.” OK so is this foreshadowing the Wall coming down? I’m so nervous but also excited that it might happen in Season 7.

112. Ahhhhhh I’m not ready for “hold the door”.

113. This is even more stressful than watching it the first time around, because I know what’s going to happen. 

114. SUMMER. NOOOOOOOO. I’m sobbing. 

115. RIP Leaf.


117. I’m. Not. OK.

118. Yaaass Benjen is here to save the day! Question: what’s he been doing all this time? Like, Jon was in trouble north of the Wall a lot of the time. So was Bran. What was he doing when all of that was going down?

119. I know Margaery is acting but it’s disturbing to see her like this.

120. Randyll Tarly is such a prick.

121. Freddie Stroma is great as Dickon, it’s a shame he’s been recast. Although Tom Hopper will be good, I’m sure. 

122. “He will never wield that sword.” I bet he will.

123. I love when Sam gets brave. 

124. At least Arya got to see Joffrey die in some way.

125. Essie Davis is nailing it.

126. Arya is not-so-secretly talking about her family. *Sniff*.


127. YESSS she’s getting Needle!

128. It is glorious to see Jaime leading the Tyrell army up to the sept to rescue Margaery and Ser Loras. Especially when he rides up the steps.

129. His face when he sees Tommen walk out his heart-wrenching. He’s lost his baby boy.

130. Jaime angrily dropping his armour here reminds me of Ser Barristan. 

131. Blergh, Walder, blergh.

132. I am here for this Benjen reveal.

133. “One way or another, he will find his way to the world of men. And when he does, you’ll be there, waiting for him.” It’s going to be so interesting to see what happens with Bran’s storyline in Season 7. And what part he’ll ultimately play in the ~war to come~.

134. This is another great but kind of worrying scene from Dany. At least she leaves out the raping part of Khal Drogo’s speech. But just how is she gonna control the Dothraki in Westeros?

135. When there’s a cold open, you know it’s gonna be good. 


137. Rewatching this season is so damn good. Every single episode delivers.

138. Something huge is in store for the Hound. CLEGANEBOWL GET HYPE. 

139. And the High Sparrow is here because Tommen is horny. Sigh.

140. “Congress does not require desire on a woman’s part. Only patience.” Reason no. 467 why the High Sparrow is the worst.

141. “I’ll see you soon my dear.” I am crying, not for the first time today. Margaery saved Olenna. It hurts that this is the last time they’ll see each other. 

142. I am super here for Jon Snow’s man bun.

143. And also for Olenna calling Cersei out for causing this mess.

144. “I wonder if you’re the worst person I’ve ever met.” Iconic.

145. Jaime looks goooood in Lannister gear.


146. “Don’t say it. Don’t fucking say it.” Bronn is always such good value.


148. Love the instant connection Davos has with her.

149. And I love how it ends up being a Mormont shield Jon uses to smash Ramsay’s face in. Jon and Dany both have Mormonts by their sides, while Jon uses a Mormont sword. There has to be significance to all this.

150. I adore the Blackfish. Shame he didn’t last past Season 6.

151. Lord Glover is so disappointing. It’s satisfying to see how sorry he is later.

152. Sansa I love you, but why didn’t you just TELL JON about getting Littlefinger’s help?!?!

153. Ian McShane is brilliant in this small role. Would have been good to see more of him.


155. The Hound is piiiissed.

156. This moment of bonding between Arya and Lady Crane is lovely. It’s the most kindness she’s received in a long time. 

157. “I choose violence.” And how.

158. “Looks like a siege, my lady.” “You have a keen military mind, Pod.” Lmao. 

159. Brienne has spotted Jaime. Ahhhhh.

160. Bronn and Pod’s reunion makes me so happy.

161. “He’d fuck her, that’s for sure.” Bronn ships Jaime and Brienne just as much as I do. 

162. “I don’t think you know many girls like her.” Brienne standing up for Sansa is excellent

163. “I’m proud of you.” … “It’s yours. It will always be yours.” Needless to say, this scene has left me a mess on the floor. 

164. Jaime says he hopes he won’t have to fight Brienne. I’ve said it before, but I kinda hope they do meet on the battlefield at some point. It would be such a powerful moment.

165. “She’s exactly like her mother.” That must be one hell of a letter.

166. This scene of Cersei walking through the crowded throne room, utterly powerless, and is shoved off to the side, is such a stark contrast to the scene in Episode 10 where she walks straight through her line of guards and takes the throne. 

167. “The faith and the crown are the two pillars…” Cersei, I bet you’re regretting ever saying that to Tommen. 

168. I know he’s being manipulated, but I’m still a little upset at him for doing this. 

169. Cersei will make her own trial by combat, and her champion will be fire - just like the Mad King before her.


170. I know some people think they’re a waste of time, but I kind of love these scenes of Missandei, Grey Worm, and Tyrion getting to know each other, and bonding over terrible jokes.

171. I especially love that look Grey Worm gives Missandei when he makes her laugh.

172. Is Tyrion ever gonna get to finish this honeycomb and jackass joke? Maybe that’s how the series will end. 

173. I wonder if Jaime wants Edmure to be treated better because of how terribly he was treated as a Stark prisoner. 

174. “They’ll do anything to protect their babies. Start a war, burn cities to ash…” So much foreshadowing. 

175. “The things we do for love.” And so many throwbacks!

176. Oh Edmure. You’re always such a disappointment. 

177. It’s a shame that this is how the Blackfish goes out. I know I always go on about wanting to see Gendy and Ghost back on screen in Season 7, but the pattern of the Season 6 returns does make me rethink whether this would actually be a good thing.

178. You better believe this goodbye between Brienne and Jaime has me crying. 

179. Uh-oh. The kids are in trouble. They’ve made a mess of things while Dany’s been gone. 

180. I really enjoy the Hound meeting up with the Brotherhood again. 

181. RIP Lady Crane. 

182. Honestly how does weak, injured Arya not only survive this Terminator chase through the city but also BEAT THE WAIF.

183. Lol remember when we thought that random background guy might be Syrio Forel?

184. “Finally a girl is no one.” “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I’m going home.” OK I still think Jaqen’s interaction with Arya here makes no sense. But I also still feel so triumphant watching Arya leave.

185. This is one of my favourite episodes ever. So excited.

186. And we’re straight into the Battle of Meereen. This season does not fuck around. 

187. Dany is once again acting dangerously similar to her father. But she has Tyrion to rein her in.

188. Thanks for reminding us of the wildfire, Tyrion. That’ll come in handy soon.

189. Seeing all three dragons together again is the best.

190. Though it hurts my heart a little to see how much smaller the other two are.

191. I am here for protective Jon. And strong Sansa. And sassy Lyanna. 

192. Sexuality: the way Jon Snow says “you against me.”

193. “How do we get Rickon back?” “We’ll never get him back.” See, Sansa, that’s not what you said earlier. 

194. I love Sansa, but she frustrates me so much here. She’s begging Jon to wait for a larger army, knowing that one is coming, but not telling him. JUST TELL HIM. 195. Mel not attending the war council is such a difference to how she was with Stannis. 

196. This conversation is a nice way of making us think there’s actually a chance Jon might die again. 

197. Ohhh Davos found Shireen’s toy. SOB.

198. Tyrion you recall wrong. YOU were the one making jokes about Theon’s status. 

199. Oh heeey Yara and Dany. I am into this ship, but I do not have high hopes for it, especially after seeing the Season 7 trailers.

200. The Battle of the Bastards yaaass.

201. Rickon noooooooo.


202. The way Jon gets SO CLOSE to him kills me.

203. Like, I know Jon does the wrong thing here, playing right into Ramsay’s hands and all, but he wouldn’t be the Jon we know and love if he just sat back and watched Ramsay kill Rickon. 

204. This sequence, with Jon pulling out his sword and facing the charging cavalry, is stunning. I get chills every time I watch it. 

205. Actually the whole damn Battle of the Bastards is stunning. Absolutely brutal, but completely stunning. 

206. The first time I saw it, I don’t think I breathed properly for a good 20 minutes.

207. I still can’t breathe through this scene of Jon getting crushed. It’s so awful. And so well done. 

208. I love watching Jon actually fighting for his life. He lost a lot of his fire after being revived. He wasn’t connected to life anymore. But in this moment, he makes a choice. He’s reborn. And it’s only then that the battle turns in their favour.

209. Meanwhile I am into Tormund killing Smalljon Umber. Especially biting his ear off, just like Brienne did to the Hound. They have so much in common. 

210. The scene of the Knights of the Vale arriving is fantastic. And I love that it’s Sansa who saves the day. But I still hate that she lied to Jon.

211. Is it wrong that I’m really attracted to Jon right now, when he’s all bloody and muddy and chasing after Ramsay?

212. Wun Wun. :(

213. There’s that Mormont shield!

214. OK, so It’s really wrong how much I’m enjoying Jon pounding Ramsay’s face, right?
The way he stops when he sees Sansa, and saves the kill for her, is great. 

215. Aesthetic: the Bolton banners coming down, and the Stark banners FINALLY going up again. 

216. How did Rickon’s body not get completely crushed in that battle?

217. “We’re going to bury my brother in the crypt. Next to my father.” Wait, so Ned’s bones did make it back to Winterfell?

218. “Your words will disappear. Your house will disappear. Your name will disappear.” Sansa’s speech is music to my ears.

219. Ramsay’s death is so, so satisfying. I love the way Sansa stands there and watches. My broken, brutal, beautiful queen.


221. And then they top it off with…

222. Here we goooo. FUCK ME UP, LIGHT OF THE SEVEN. 

223. I have such mixed emotions here. Like, I feel sick seeing Margaery file into the sept, knowing what’s going to happen. But I’m excited for the end of the High Sparrow. And I’m just fucking living for this whole stunningly-executed sequence. Honestly, it’s probably my favourite thing the show has ever done. And it doesn’t even involve any Starks!

224. Loras’ confession hurts, especially when he says “the traitor, Renly Baratheon”. 

225. Poor Mace.

226. Must’ve been some good candy for those little birds to go so savage for Qyburn.


228. It’s so good Lancel is the one who sees the wildfire, when he knew what Cerseis plan was way back in Season 2. 

229. Margaery is 10 steps ahead of everyone as always. SHE DESERVED BETTER.

230. That bell smashing feels very symbolic.

231. Ah Cersei. Queen of Petty.

232. I hate the Shame Nun, but unleashing the Zombie Mountain on her is fuuuucked.

233. RIP BB Tommen. :( 

234. Cersei’s victory is so short-lived.

235. This is such a contrast to how she reacted to Joffrey’s death. And even Myrcella’s. She’s basically dead inside now. 

236. Sam is a bit behind on the news, hey.

237. Welp the citadel is even further behind.

238. This library is Sam’s wet dream. I love how they put the thingy from the credits in there.

239. This scene of Davos confronting Melisandre is heartbreaking. Amazing acting from Liam Cunningham

240. Ok so it looks like Melisandre and Davos might both end up at Dragonstone this season. It will be verrrry interesting to see how that plays out. 

241. “I’m not a Stark.” “You are to me.” This scene between Sansa and Jon means so much to me. The way Jon acknowledges what Sansa has done. The way she apologises. I hope they do trust each other and don’t drift further apart in Season 7. But I am very worried.


242. Each one of Jon Snow’s smiles adds a year to my life.

243. “Winter is here”. “Well father always promised, didn’t he?” Oh, so much more than you know, Jon. 

244. Olena shutting down the Sand Snakes is great. I hope she gets her vengeance in Season 7.

245. Poor Daario. I wonder if ditching him will come back to bite Dany, or if his storyline is just over now.

246. Who is Dany gonna maaaarry? *cough* Jon Snow *cough*.

247. This scene where Dany names Tyrion Hand of the Queen is making me sob and grin all at once. 

248. Arya’s revenge is awful and perfect. Especially the way Frey is killed in the same way her mother was. Just like Roose’s death echoed Robb’s.

249. I love Sansa stopping Littlefinger from kissing her. She’s grown so much.  

250. Nice reminder of that Jon wasn’t born in Winterfell, right before cutting to the Tower of Joy scene. 

251. I think about this scene A LOT.

252. That sword shot has got to mean something. Like JON IS AZOR AHAI. Of course, it could be a total red herring. 

253. BABY JON. He’s been brooding from day 1,

254. That transition shot is *Italian chef kiss*.

255. Fucking yess Lyanna Mormont, my tiny queen, calling out all these grown-ass men;.

256. “I don’t care if he’s a bastard. Ned Stark’s blood runs through his veins.” I’M CRYING. 

257. This King in the North scene gives me so much life. But the way it mirrors Robb’s King in the North scene worries me, because that didn’t turn out great. And the look between Sansa and Littlefinger really worries me. But it’s still so damn good. 

258. And here is Jaime, returning home to find out Cersei has done the one thing he sacrificed his honour to prevent. He does not look happy. It will be interesting to see how the show handles this in Season 7.

259. Cersei finally got what she wanted. The Iron Throne, all to herself. But at such a huge cost. YAAASS Dany finally sailing to Westeros is such a perfect scene to end on.

260. OK, after rewatching, I think Season 6 is definitely my fave season.