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    24 Horrific And Offensive Crimes Against Food

    "Why are you like this?" – me @ humanity.

    1. This deconstructed hotdog.

    Reddit: BSAlibi / Via

    2. This melted cheese hot chocolate.

    3. This banana water.

    4. And this banana pizza.

    5. Or this pineapple pizza atrocity.

    6. Whatever the hell this is.

    7. This unapeeling mess.

    8. This "gourmet" burger.

    Reddit: forever_a10ne / Via

    9. This inverse burger.

    Reddit: XenoFrobe / Via

    10. This shudder-inducing approach to food.

    11. As well as THIS ONE.

    12. This mess.

    13. And this one.

    14. This '70s-style feast.

    15. And this one.

    Reddit: fej057 / Via

    16. This St Patrick's day meal.

    17. And this ~creative~ pasta.

    18. This homemade Bloody Mary.

    Reddit: OutcastAtLast / Via

    19. This chocolate fountain.

    20. These, er, hot dogs.

    21. And these ones.

    Reddit: GuybrushThreekwood / Via

    22. This PRINGLES DIP.

    23. This Mountain Dew margarita with a Doritos crust.

    24. And these Twinkies.

    I'm not okay.

    Reasons 2 Stand Up / Facebook: BuzzFeedOz

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