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    Posted on 23 Jul 2017

    Meet The 22 Women Who Are Competing For Matty J On "The Bachelor" Australia

    Get those office sweeps ready.

    Good news, The Bachelor Australia fans! Just days before the premiere, we finally know who will be competing for Matty J's abs, I mean heart, this season.


    Let's take a closer look, shall we?

    1. Akoulina, 29, Qld


    Akoulina is a gymnastics coach who says she has "built [her] own empire", won't settle for dates that are anything less than "wow", and apparently hates party boys and bogans.

    Notable quote: "If the guy hasn't got substance and has not set up his life by 30 then he is a bogan and I am not into that.”

    2. Alix, 24, NSW


    Alix works as a body painter and loves a "solid banter session" and being a Cool Girl.

    Notable quote: “I can heckle opponents sporting teams, I enjoy pizza and beer and watching NFL.”

    3. Belinda, 34, Qld


    Belinda is an actual love coach who says Sarah Jessica Parker should play her in a movie, because her life is so similar to Carrie's on Sex and the City.

    Notable quote: "I have been focusing on becoming the best version of myself and I now feel I am ready to offer myself to someone.”

    4. Cobie, 30, Qld


    Cobie is a coal plant operator who has no idea what her dream date would be. Her strategy going into the competition is to "wing it".

    Notable quote: She describes herself as a “unicorn in a girl’s body, a positive happy-go-lucky munchkin who is a bit weird and quirky”.

    5. Elise, 29, WA


    Elise is a marketing executive who loves being active, and used to play for the Hockeyroos.

    Notable quote: “I believe that the connections you need for love to blossom will be there when you first meet someone.”

    6. Elizabeth, 31, NSW


    A property executive, Elizabeth is "outgoing, strong, and brutally honest", and can't live without her dog Bruce.

    Notable quote: “My secret talent is that I am a very good cook and can make something delicious out of the fridge, even when the choices are limited.”

    7. Elora, 27, NSW


    Elora is a personal trainer who is looking for a "disciplined gentleman with a wild heart", and says Angelina Jolie would play her in a movie.

    Notable quote: "I believe that energies are so strong that souls can feed off them and you know right away.”

    8. Florence, 27, Vic


    Florence is a fashion brand manager who loves running in the woods and says wearing red Converse shoes are a deal breaker in a relationship.

    Notable quote: “I am planning on giving this whole adventure and the Bachelor the best of me and I plan to open myself up for anything that is to come.”

    9. Jennifer, 27, NSW


    A marketing manager, Jennifer loves water sports, dirt bikes, and AFL, and thinks she'll at least make the top four on The Bachelor.

    Notable quote: Her dream date is “dinner at The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney – fairy lights and with farm animals just wandering around. Basically dinner in a romantically lit petting zoo."

    10. Laura, 30, NSW


    Laura is an accessories designer who describes herself as a "big flirt", and says she doesn't believe in dream dates, because the right person "can make a trip to Aldi feel like magic".

    Notable quote: "Finding your best friend whose clothes you want to rip off is what it is all about."

    11. Laura-Ann, 27, Vic


    A criminal lawyer, Laura-Ann describes herself in five words as "classy, tomboy, dollop of hood”, and is looking for a man with a "big heart and a side of craziness".

    Notable quote: “I have not met someone who is the Kanye to my Kim.”

    12. Leah, 24, Vic


    Leah is an architecture student who loves the outdoors and adrenaline sports, and says she never stays single for long.

    Notable quote: “Life with me would never be boring.”

    13. Lisa, 24, Vic


    Lisa is a model who describes herself as a "legend", and loves the outdoors and being active.

    Notable quote: “I’ve been happy focusing on myself for the past year and have not really been interested in dating.”

    14. Michelle, 31, SA


    Michelle is a police officer who is passionate about her job but says some men find it intimidating.

    Notable quote: “I am a strong confident and caring female. I have an amazing family and great career. The only thing missing is a man to love and share life with.”

    15. Monica, 26, Vic


    Monica is a medical receptionist who hates close-mindedness and loves being adventurous and spontaneous.

    Notable quote: “For me looks comes last. As long as you can make me laugh and you have a good heart, I am sold. But if I had to pick a feature I would say they must be tall and have nice eyes.”

    16. Natalie, 26, SA


    A midwife, Natalie says she's a party girl who hasn't met the right person yet because "Adelaide’s Tinder isn’t giving much to be honest."

    Notable quote: “I went to dinner with this guy who was wearing ‘essential oils’ and the smell was just really overwhelming and gross. Dude, you are a man, not a candle.”

    17. Sharlene, 26, Vic


    Sharlene is a wedding planner who loves Muay Thai boxing and performing in musicals, and wants a "manly-man".

    Notable quote: She says she can't live without "music, fitness and my pug.”

    18. Sian, 23, WA


    Sian works in retail who is looking for a "considerate older man with integrity", and says she's happiest when she's "sleeping, dancing, or eating".

    Notable quote: “I’ve been on Tinder a couple of times but mainly for a laugh. I have never actually met anyone from it.”

    19. Simone, 25, Vic


    An office administrator, Simone says her best asset is her heart and that splitting the bill is a deal-breaker for her.

    Notable quote: “I can fit 25 marshmallows in my mouth.”

    20. Stacey, 26, Qld


    Stacey is a gym instructor and 2015 Miss V8 Supercars Miss Personality recipient who describers herself as a thrillseeker.

    Notable quote: She says her romantic life is like Good Luck Chuck, because “if you actually date me and end it with me, the next girl you meet will be the girl you fall head over heels for. Someone please break this curse.”

    21. Stephanie, 23, WA


    Stephanie is a safety administrator who is also an adrenaline junkie, who says bad teeth are a deal-breaker for her.

    Notable quote: "I don’t think my last relationships have been love. More like lust.”

    22. Tara, 27, Qld


    Tara is a nanny who is a "decent cook" and wants to be with a man who isn't picky with his food.

    Notable quote: "My Britney Spears impersonation is awesome."

    Bring on Wednesday.


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