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People Are Calling "Game Of Thrones" Season 8, Episode 4 The Worst Episode Ever

We've waited two years for this?! Warning: contains spoilers.

Let's talk about Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4. This basically sums up my feelings about it:

Here are some of the problems with this episode:

• So much happened off-screen. Missandei's capture, the reveal to the Starks...and we didn't get to see any pay-off on the latter. We've barely gotten to see Jon dealing with the news, and now we don't even see his family's reaction.

• Missandei's death is the show at its racist and misogynistic worst. They literally put her back in chains before chopping her head off to further the plot of other (white/male) characters.

• Cersei, someone who is brutal and ruthless, didn't just kill all her enemies when they were right in front of her??! It makes no sense.

• Jon knows how to keep a secret when it matters. When lives are at stake. Just look at his time with the wildlings beyond the Wall. His character has become more and more two-dimensional and the show is suffering as a result.

• GHOST. Ghost is SO IMPORTANT to Jon and yet he's not only sending him off with Tormund, he didn't even say GOODBYE to him?! The Jon Snow whose LAST THOUGHT before he died was of Ghost (in the books, at least)?! Jon Snow would NEVER.

• Between Arya's "she's not one of us" and Sansa going all Littlefinger and planting information with Tyrion, the Starks are not exactly acting heroic these days. We're still supposed to love them, and yet they're acting exactly like the characters we most despise.

• Daenerys just helped save the damn North, at great loss to herself and her people. But no one gives a fuck, and Sansa is still being petty? Sansa is better than this.

• Speaking of Sansa, she was STRONG FROM THE START, and having her suggest it was good that she was RAPED AND TORTURED is really fucking fucked.

• The whole “Dany as the Mad Queen” thing is suuuuper forced. Dany isn't held to the same standards as other characters by a long shot. The fact that Tyrion and Varys are turning on her, when they are the ones who thought she was the Last Great Hope, makes no sense.

• Meanwhile, Arya really left her family just to pursue her list again after all that?! That's really what they're going for with her?!!

• AND JAIME LEFT BRIENNE after they finally got together?! To go back to Cersei??! He better be going back to murder her, otherwise...what character development???

• Rhaegal's death was purely for shock value and made no sense. How did Daenerys, flying through the sky, not see Euron and his fleet? If Euron was able to hide from sight, he didn't have a clear shot of Rhaegal. Yet he manages to hit him multiple times. Meanwhile, every single shot misses Drogon even though he winds up much closer? What is logic?!

• Euron Greyjoy is a boring, flat character who has had no effective development on the show but is brought in as a convenient plot device whenever he's needed. His impact on the plot is completely unearned and unsatisfying.

1. But don't just take my word for it. A lot of fans are really angry...

If this is the #GameOfThrones writers/show runners making it up as they go along, be afraid. Be very afraid. What a hot mess that was. Like Ghost, we deserve better.



Years of character development thrown away just like that. Completely unnecessary, nonsensical. Way too predictable with sloppy writing all over the place. Saying it was a mess is an understatement. One of the worst episodes, ever. #GameOfThrones



Dany was reduced to begging Jon. Brienne was reduced to crying on her nightgown for Jamie. Sansa was reduced to a xenophobic opportunistic bitch. Arya was reduced to a cold mess. Missandei, the ONLY BLCK WOMAN. was reduced to CHAINS. C H A I N S. FUCK #GAMEOFTHRONES



At this rate, Lost won't be the biggest mess up in TV history #GameOfThrones


D&D you have successfully "subverted my expectations" #GameofThrones



I've been consistent in my praise of EVERY season of @GameOfThrones so I hope it carries some weight when I say that was the WORST episode ever. Really just laughably stupid at every turn #GameOfThrones #TalkTheThrones


This is too good #GameofThrones Well, the show was great up until it parted from the books imo, S8 is the worst by far.




Holy crap, #GameofThrones is completely falling apart. Some of the worst writing I have ever seen in any TV show. It is heartbreaking seeing the world GRRM built being treated like that. What a shitshow...


The biggest betrayal and brutal death is what the Showrunners did to GRRM and his masterpiece. #GameofThrones


me to the #GameofThrones showrunners lately

17. Here's hoping they can pull everything together and deliver a satisfying ending in the next two episodes...but things aren't looking great.

"tHe EnDiNg WiLl bE biTteRsWeeT" #GameofThrones The show isn't even done yet but I already know where this shit is going. That's not a bittersweet ending, that's just fucking bad writing.

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