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    34 "Game Of Thrones" Season 8 Moments That Were Actually Incredible

    These were the highlights of the final season.

    1. When Daenerys and Jon arrived at Winterfell looking regal AF, and it called back to the arrival of Robert Baratheon back in Season 1.

    2. When Jon and Bran were reunited and Jon got really emotional about it and Bran almost got an emotion.

    3. When Jon and Arya reunited and there were tears all around.

    4. When Arya and Gendry flirted in the forge.

    5. When Jon rode Rhaegal, the dragon named for his father.

    6. When Jon finally learned the truth about his parentage.

    7. When Bran confronted Jaime with one creepy stare.

    8. When Jon and Daenerys had a quiet moment before everything went to shit, and Jon contemplated his mother's statue.

    9. When Tormund yeet-hugged Jon and called him "my little crow."

    10. When Theon and Sansa reunited and stayed together through the night before the Battle of Winterfell.

    11. When the Hound and Arya had a touching pre-battle moment.

    12. And Arya and Gendry had a ~touching~ moment too.

    13. When Lyanna and Jorah talked about the future of House Mormont.

    14. When the characters shared conversation around the fire, thinking they were going to die the next day, and Podrick sang "Jenny of Oldstones."

    15. When Jaime knighted Brienne.

    16. When Melisandre set fire to the Dothraki's weapons...and they were all extinguished in the distance.

    17. When the dragons, with Jon and Daenerys riding them, had a moment of peace before diving back into battle.

    18. When Lyanna Mormont went down fighting.

    19. When Daenerys proved to be a fierce fighter even without a dragon.

    20. When Sansa and Tyrion shared a moment in the crypts, believing they were about to die.

    21. When Brienne and Jaime defended Winterfell together, with the twin swords forged from Ned Stark's Ice.

    22. When Melisandre had some powerful reminders for Arya.

    23. And then Arya took down the Night King (!!!!).

    24. When Melisandre saw her life's work finally come to fruition.

    25. When Jaime and Brienne finally acted on their feelings for each other.

    26. When Missandei and Grey Worm got one brief moment of happiness.

    27. When Tyrion and Jaime got to bid a beautiful farewell to each other.

    28. When Daenerys really looked like a dragon.

    29. When the Hound saved Arya one last time and set her on the right path, and Arya thanked him for everything and acknowledged his true name.

    30. When Cleganebowl finally happened.

    31. When Jon said goodbye to his family, and it was super emotional — especially with Arya.

    32. When Sansa was named Queen in the North (!!!).

    33. When Brienne, as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, recorded Jaime's good deeds.

    34. And when Jon was reunited with Ghost and finally gave the good boy the cuddles he deserved.

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