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    Posted on 1 Jul 2018

    23 Photos Of Stars Getting Ready For The 2018 Logies

    Australian TV's night of nights.

    1. Lisa Wilksinson prepped with an eye mask and said "this is the real me".

    @Lisa_Wilkinson / Via

    2. While Hamish Blake did a whole face mask.

    3. Rebecca Harding shared a "before" shot.

    @rebeccalharding / Via

    4. And so did Sandra Sully.

    5. Simone Holtznagel vitamin-ed up.

    @moannn / Via Instagram: @moannn

    6. Ada Nicodemou got pampered.

    @adanicodemou / Via

    7. Laura Byrne got hair extensions.

    8. And so did Leila Mckinnon.

    9. Tracey Grimshaw shared a getting-ready selfie.

    @tracygrimshaw007 / Via

    10. And so did Georgia Love.

    11. Deborah Knight showed her hair-in-progress.

    @deborah_knight / Via

    12. And so did Carrie Bickmore.

    @bickmorecarrie / Via

    13. Melina Vidler shared this glam shot.

    @melinavidler / Via

    14. Casey Donovan got her nails done.

    15. Grant Denyer feasted.

    16. Hughesy chilled out.

    @DHughesy / Via

    17. Amanda Keller highlighted her accessories.

    @amandarosekeller / Via

    18. And so did Kate Peck.

    @katepeckme / Via

    19. Joel Creasey ate a Logie.

    20. Shaynna Blaze smiled for the camera.

    @shaynnablaze / Via

    21. Penny McNamee posed on the bed.

    22. Erin Holland got buttoned up.

    @donnygalella / Via

    23. And Liz Cantor shared this photo and said that she was "shitting" herself.

    @lizcantor / Via

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