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    Updated on Feb 2, 2020. Posted on Feb 2, 2020

    Everyone Is Thirsty For Caliban On "Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina" And Same TBH

    "Clay boy can like...get it."

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 introduces Caliban, the Prince of Hell. And what a prince he is.


    With that flowing blonde hair and his whole chest out, he looks like something straight off an erotic novel cover.


    And, like, he literally always has his chest out.




    Even the one time he tries to contain his chest, they are barely restrained in this tight yellow tee.


    Also, he's a major flirt and has amazing chemistry with Sabrina.


    Like, just look at that little look he gives her?


    What I'm saying is, with my deepest apologies to Nick Scratch, I think my thirst allegiance has shifted to Caliban.


    Harvey who?

    BTW, Caliban is played by Sam Corlett, a 24-year-old Aussie who, yes, has Instagram.

    And it seems like A LOT of people are thirsty for Prince Caliban. Can relate.

    So... Hell isn‘t bad so far 🤔 #ChillingAdventuresofSabrina #CAOS

    Right, Everytime Caliban says 'princess' got me like..... #CAOS

    caliban prince of hell i am free tonight please contact me today and confirm you would like to hang out tonight when i am free #sabrina

    caliban in #caos is so fucking attractive i can’t

    Me thinking about #CAOS : Sabrina shouldn't have anything with Caliban, he betrayed her twice and he just wants the throne. Also me: HE IS TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH HER, HE CALLED HER PRINCESS AND THEY WOULD RULE HELL TOGETHER. AND HE'S MADE OF CLAY! FUCK THE CLAY MAN SABRINA!

    Me every time Caliban comes on screen: “yessss, clay boyyyyyy 🤪🤣” #TheChillingAdventuresofSabrina #SabrinaNetflix

    when I say Caliban is fine as hell😍 #SabrinaNetflix

    After seering Caliban I suddenly dont know how to act skskksks #ChillingAdventuresofSabrina #CAOS3

    i am in love with this man right here #ChillingAdventuresofSabrina


    Here's to more Caliban in Part 4!

    More🔥Caliban🔥on🔥Season 4🔥 #ChillingAdventuresofSabrina #CAOS

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