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    Updated on Jun 18, 2020. Posted on Jun 17, 2020

    18 Times BTS Had The Funniest Account On Twitter

    It's mostly BTS dragging each other.

    1. When Jungkook responded to questions about where BTS would be in 15 years with this edit.

    한 15년 뒤쯤 예상해봅니다. 편집하면서 웃겨 숨넘어갈 뻔했네🤣 #JK

    2. When Suga shared a "candid" photo taken by J-Hope, and then J-Hope responded with a screenshot of their messages, revealing Suga had actually asked for the photo.

    @BTS_twt 무슨 도촬은 도촬.. 어이가 하늘로 가네 .. 찍어 달라고해서 찍어드렸구만 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    3. When Suga tried to share another "candid" photo...

    ...and Jimin posted a shot of Suga posing for V, exposing his lies once again.

    And then Jin shared this shot of Jimin taking that photo...

    ...and J-Hope revealed his view of the whole meta mess.

    뭐야 .... 이분들 ...... ㅋㅋㅋ

    4. When Jin and Jimin ended a livestream they were doing after hearing a knock at the door, only for Jimin to reveal on Twitter that it had been Jungkook hoping to join their livestream, and they fooled him into thinking it was still on for about three seconds.

    정국아 사랑해 ☺️❤️ #JIMIN #잇진

    He started a livestream of his own a few minutes later and the night got more chaotic from there.

    5. When Jin flexed his poetry skills.

    6. When V got drunk for the first time and live-tweeted the whole experience.

    Including his car ride with Jungkook...

    ...his trip up the stairs...

    ...his arrival at home...

    ...and his collapse into bed.

    Where he got very cozy with a Jimin plushie.

    7. When RM shared a 1a.m. tribute to fans and definitely did not seem sober.

    그리고.. 대망의 대미를 장식하는 파트 쓰리

    8. When Jin was just trying to take a cute photo alone and the other members wouldn't let him live.

    9. And then it happened again.

    사진 찍는데 자꾸 못찍게 방해함

    10. When Jimin was bored at home without his roommate, J-Hope, and tweeted a series of videos about how much he missed him.

    제이호오옵 #JIMIN #어디에요

    나는 형 침대다아 ㅋㅋㅋ 미키 놀아주기 화이팅 #JIMIN

    홉이형 믹스텝 듣고 싶은 1인 #JIMIN #이거_홉이형_목소리

    11. When Suga couldn't attend an end-of-year awards ceremony with the other members, but watched and live-tweeted it from home – which included posting several unflattering photos he'd taken.

    생일은 이거 먼저 보고 축하하자

    12. When Jungkook tweeted a whole series capturing his journey waiting for food, revealing that he was going to eat pork belly and then go to bed – all through an impromptu song.

    조금 격한 흥얼거림 (라스트)

    13. When Jimin shared this behind-the-scenes look at BTS amusing themselves in public in Hawaii.

    귀요미들 본보야지 !! 봐야지!!!! 🤙

    14. When the mobile game BTS World was released and RM live-tweeted his experience with it, which mostly involved a lot of cringing...

    Being weirded out by receiving messages from a fake version of himself...

    And then trying really hard to collect cards with his own face.

    15. When J-Hope shared this video of Jungkook's take on RM's opening line from "Dope": "It's your first time with BTS, right?"

    정국아 생일축하해 #꾸기생일ㅊㅋ 호비형을 미워하지말아라

    16. When Jungkook shared a whole series of J-Hope goofily lip-syncing during rehearsals for "Dionysus"...

    ...which culminated in this iconic video with the other members.

    17. When BTS were actually able to respond to fans on Twitter, and this is the level of reply they served.

    18. And finally, this incredible response to a fan who asked them to tweet in English.

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