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    Someone Mashed The Avengers Up With "The Bachelor" And It's So Funny

    So many ships I can get on board with.

    If you've ever found yourself thinking, "Imagine if Tony Stark were the Bachelor"*, you're in luck, because Tumblr user cptxrogers has created a gif mash-up of just that.

    *This is a totally normal thing to think, right? *looks around nervously*

    The contestants include Tony's ex, Steve:

    Rich Doctor Strange:

    Actual king T'Challa:


    The murderer of Tony's parents:

    Tony's science bro:

    Loki, the God of Mischief and Lord of Kink:

    Pirate Angel Baby Thor:

    And Rhodey:

    Let's not forget Tony's tall son, Peter, who is just happy to be here:

    That's all for now, but tbh I want so much more.


    You can follow cptxrogers on Tumblr here.

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