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The Important "Game Of Thrones" Line You Might Have Missed

I SCREAMED. Warning: Contains spoilers!

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When Gilly unknowingly revealed to Sam that Rhaegar married Lyanna which makes Jon a true Targaryen and the rightfu…


She's come a long way, but she still isn't great at the pronunciation of certain words – which is especially understandable when it comes to Targaryen names. So when she says "Ragger", she is 100% talking about Prince Rhaegar Targaryen.


We don't know why Rhaegar would've had his marriage to Elia annulled, but he must have had good reason, considering he already had two children with Elia (more on that here), and in legitimising Jon he de-legitimised his other kids.

Remember how Daenerys had a vision in the House of the Undying back in Season 2? In the books, the vision is a little different – she actually sees Rhaegar talking to a woman about his son being the prince that was promised. Most readers assume that this is Rhaegar talking to Elia about their son, Aegon – but considering what we know now, it's possible the vision was actually referencing Lyanna Stark and Jon Snow.

George R. R. Martin

It wouldn't have been a literal scene that actually happened, of course, since Rhaegar apparently died before Jon was even born. But visions are rarely literal.

No matter Rhaegar's reasoning, the outcome is the same – Jon Snow is a legitimate Targaryen, with a greater claim to the throne than Daenerys.

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This might really piss Daenerys off, considering so much of her motivation is wrapped up in being the last Targaryen and the only person with a rightful claim to the throne. But then again, if she knows she's not the last Targaryen – and that the other is Jon, someone she is clearly already falling for – it could be all the more reason for her to want to marry him and rule with him by her side (as a Targaryen, the incest is unlikely to squick her out).

Jon, on the other hand, might be a bit more freaked out by the incest, and also the existential crisis of his whole life being a lie. We also know he's not a huge fan of ruling, and only does so because his people asked him to, not because of any claim. But he also does his duty – and if he feels it's his duty to claim the throne, he might do just that.