23 AITA Posts About Men Being Trash That Will Make You Rage

    This post will definitely fill you with rage.

    The Am I the Asshole? subreddit is a goldmine of secondhand drama, a place where it's not only okay to judge others, but an actual requirement. It's addictive...and often totally rage-inducing.

    I’m obsessed w reading AITA posts and it’s literally INSANE that 99% of them are like: AITA for not wanting to literally feed breast milk out of my left tit for my useless overgrown toddler bf/fiancé/husband

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    There's a definite theme to many of the posts, and it's men being terrible. Here are some of the wildest examples...

    1. This dad, who wanted his 7-year-old daughter punished for "cheating" on her pretend boyfriend:

    R/aita blessing us with insanity once again

    Twitter: @HakyeonWife

    2. This husband who refused to contribute to his wife's hospital bill from when she gave birth to their child:

    Are you all ready to hate someone

    Twitter: @thiscassgirl

    3. And this one who skipped his kid's birth altogether:

    AITA for skipping my child's birth to attend a video game tournament?

    Twitter: @AITA_online

    4. This husband, who consistently body shamed his wife after she had their baby:

    5. And this dad who projects his belly button phobia:

    6. This dad who couldn't be bothered to "babysit" his own kids:

    7. This train enthusiast who snooped on his girlfriend's computer:

    AITA for pointing out the historical inaccuracies of my girlfriend's erotic writing? https://t.co/Pen4iRBcjg

    Twitter: @AITA_online

    8. And this coder who gave a harsh review to his 9-year-old daughter:

    Hi programmers would you like to be incandescent with rage?

    Twitter: @laceynwilliams

    9. This rich brother who needed to be brought down a peg:

    10. This son who horrified his own mother:

    11. This boyfriend who was just plain insensitive:

    12. This husband who prioritizes his friend over his wife:

    13. This dad who couldn't handle being confronted with his own behavior:

    14. This husband who expected his pregnant wife to "push through" any difficulties:

    15. This boyfriend with a fragile male ego:

    16. This lasagne thief who blamed his victim:

    17. And this rich boyfriend who let his girlfriend skip meals on vacation rather than pay for her:

    AITA for inviting my (29M) Girlfriend (28F) on an expensive vacation and expecting her to pay all of her share? (I make a lot more than her) https://t.co/bFad8kfOIV

    Twitter: @AITA_online

    18. This dad who expected his daughter to "earn" her menstruation products:

    19. This husband who went on a trip without telling his family:

    In the comments he says he was gone for 4 days... 4 DAYS.

    Twitter: @ask_aubry

    20. This divorced dad who didn't tell his own daughter he was getting married THAT DAY:

    21. This "pilot":

    The woman—me—was too stunned to speak.

    Twitter: @abbyvesoulis

    22. This husband who is somehow even worse than the pilot:

    Twitter: @akatepockett

    23. And lastly, this absolute asshole: