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Jon's Real Name On "Game Of Thrones" Could Be More Significant Than You Think

Here are all the details you need to know about it.

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While the truth about Jon's parents came as no surprise, his real name left a lot of fans confused.

"That feel when having one son named Aegon isn’t enough.” -Rhaegar Targaryen, probably #GameofThrones


Aegon the Conqueror was the Targaryen who – as his title suggests – conquered Westeros and unified the Seven Kingdoms into one, establishing the Targaryen dynasty that would rule until Robert's Rebellion.


There's been quite a few references to Aegon the Conqueror on Game of Thrones this season, primarily because Dany is following in his footsteps somewhat (although, as Tyrion points out in Episode 6, she's ~mostly~ much less violent about it). It's likely the frequent mentions of his name were also getting us ready for the big reveal about Jon.


There were several kings called Aegon after Aegon the Conqueror – most recently, Aegon V, a.k.a. Egg, the brother of Maester Aemon and a main character in George R. R. Martin's Tales of Dunk and Egg series.

But there's likely more to it than Rhaegar simply wanting a powerful name for his heir – there's a good chance he believed Jon/Aegon would be the prince that was promised, a.k.a. the person who would save the world from the coming Long Night.


Rhaegar was a bookish person who was obsessed with prophecy. As a child, he wasn't interested in learning to fight, until he read something that made him feel he should become a warrior. We don't know exactly what that was, but it's highly likely that it was related to the Long Night/White Walkers.

In the books, Daenerys' vision in the House of the Undying is quite different than it appeared in the show in Season 2. She actually has a vision of Rhaegar, with what many fans have always assumed was Elia and their son Aegon. But now it seems it's actually a reference to Lyanna and baby Jon.

George R. R. Martin

While some fans believe Jon's real name will be different in the books, this vision makes a lot of sense if it really is Aegon. It's not a literal event that occurred, of course, because Rhaegar was dead before Jon was born. But visions aren't meant to be literal.

Jon is the son of ice and fire, and the vision suggests Rhaegar wanted him to be called Aegon because he believed he would be king AND the prince that was promised. It's interesting to note that vision!Rhaegar looks Dany in the eyes when speaking of Jon and saying "there must be one more". To me, this foreshadows the connection Jon and Dany will have, and indicates that the third head of the dragon could be their child together. This is supported by the fact that Dany's vision has other references to Jon Snow – notably, she sees a sweet-scented blue rose growing out of the Wall (blue roses are always associated with Lyanna – and, by extension, Jon).

Of course, Rhaegar annulling his marriage to Elia, delegitimising his first two children, and naming a second son Aegon, makes him seem like a massive jerk. It'll be interesting to see if his character and feelings – not to mention Lyanna and Elia's – will be explored further in Season 8, as Jon reckons with the truth about his parents.


At this point, it doesn't seem likely – so here's hoping the books come out, because no doubt they'll go into much greater depth about the whole scenario.


There's also the chance that, since Rhaegar was dead before Jon's birth, it was Lyanna who chose the name Aegon. Perhaps she wanted to honour Jon's half-brother, who was also already dead by that stage.


Interestingly, in the books, there is actually a character called Young Griff who claims to be the real Aegon Targaryen (i.e. Rhaegar's son with Elia), alledging he was smuggled out of King's Landing and another baby was murdered in his place. A lot of fans believe this isn't true, though, and the fact that he was never introduced in the show kinda lends weight to this theory.

To me, it seems likely that Rhaegar chose the name Aegon for Jon, and it's connected with Dany's vision and the prince that was promised prophecy.