19 Posts That Sum Up Benjen Stark's Appearance On This Week's "Game Of Thrones"

    Suddenly a wild Benjen Stark appears.

    Benjen Stark never got much screentime on Game of Thrones, but he was an important character – especially to Jon.

    Jon was close to Benjen, and he was part of the reason Jon wanted to join the Night's Watch. Benjen was there when Jon saw the Wall – and stood on top of it – for the first time. Jon was deeply troubled by Benjen's disappearance, and searching for him was one of the reasons the Night's Watch went north of the Wall at the end of Season 1 (which led to Jon being captured by the Wildlings and his first experience with the White Walkers – which led to, well, everything). Jon never stopped wondering what happened to Benjen, and it affected him so much that it was a fake story about Benjen that Olly and Thorne used to lure Jon to his death at the end of Season 5. In Season 7, Episode 6, Jon finally got to see him again – just in time for him to swiftly die for good (probably). So while he was a minor character, he certainly made an impact. Fans took to social media to honour him...

    1. People highlighted what a hero he was...

    Uncle Benjen coming through... #GameofThrones


    You know GoT is fantasy because Benjen is an uncle who is actually useful every time he shows up instead of getting on everybody's nerves

    3. And, of course, made jokes.

    Benjen Stark has entered the game Benjen Stark has left the game #GameOfThrones






    daenerys: jon get on the dragon no one has to die jon: no benjen: jon get on the horse, i will stay and die jon: now we're cookin



    Benjen be like: You can't die if you're already dead #ThronesYall #gameofthrones #gots7 #GoTS7e6


    12. Some people questioned the fact that there was "no time" for Benjen to get on the horse and escape with Jon.

    13. (Tbh he could have fit on the horse, but he would have slowed it down and they both probably would have died, so his decision did make sense.)

    14. Some people were in denial. (What are the logistics of being killed when you're already undead anyway?)

    15. And many people were emotional, especially when it came to Benjen's relationship with Jon.


    When Jon finally found Uncle Benjen which is what he has been trying to do since Season 1 episode 1... only to watc… https://t.co/ZW7NJ9radv


    Uncle Benjen is the only one that Jon actually has his correct relationship with RIP to a real one #GameOfThrones


    19. RIP Uncle Benjen. A Stark hero.

    Because of Benjen: -Sam found dragonglass -Jon met Ygritte/Tormund -Bran is alive -Jon is alive And now his watch h… https://t.co/NPBLspJ2lS