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29 Trends We Loved In The '00s That Look Terrible Now

So many useless belts.

1. Sunglasses like this.

2. And this.

3. Asian-inspired tops and hair accessories.

4. Belts worn just below your boobs, over the top of shirts and dresses.

5. Especially if they were super thick.

6. Thick belts worn low over the top of your jeans (but not in the belt loops).

7. And decorative belts worn low over the top of long singlets.

8. Jeans underneath skirts and dresses.

9. Knee-length and calf-length tights underneath dresses and skirts.

10. Boho skirts and short-sleeved jackets.

11. Big, baggy pants with pointy-toed heels and tight little singlets.

12. Overly plucked eyebrows.

13. Way too much blush.

14. And frosted blue or green eyeshadow.

15. Really long and thin scarves worn tight around the neck.

16. Ties as an accessory with anything, but especially singlet tops.

17. Really thick, super side-swept fringes.

18. Super blonde hair with really dark extensions underneath.

19. Stripey highlights.

20. Crocheted tops.

21. And short-sleeved, cropped cardigans worn over the top of long singlets.

22. Cropped boleros and jackets, again worn over the top of long singlets or shirts.

23. Jeans folded up at the bottom.

24. Pants with laces in various locations.

25. Really short ra-ra skirts.

26. Long denim skirts.

27. Dresses and tops with this silhouette.

28. Ugg boots with literally any kind of outfit for any occasion.

29. And Keds or Keds-like slip-ons inspired by Mischa Barton.