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8 Confirmations That, Yes, You've Dated A Sociopath

Sociopath: a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. 4% of the population are sociopaths. Okay, so there are different levels of socio, and chances are you haven't dated a full-blown psychopath. But any amount of socio can take a toll on you. So while you should always follow your own instincts on someone and not base your decisions off a Buzzfeed list, let this serve as a possible reality check on your ex or a warning about future (or current) partners.

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1. They're charming

At the beginning, they'll make you feel like you're in a Nicholas Sparks novel. They'll boost your self-confidence by telling you all the great, attractive, cool things about you. They might even bring you cookies when you're sad. They'll woo until you think that they just can't be real. Which kind of becomes true.

2. They're sexually exciting

They'll probably make you feel like you've never felt before. Your sexy time with them is something you can't get enough of. They're super passionate, exciting, and know just what to do. Almost calculatingly so...

3. They're rude to other people

They've probably made an overly rude comment to a server at a restaurant or someone in public who's walking in their path. They're likely to make judgmental comments and faces about people, in front of them. But you never worry because they treat you oh so well...

4. They're impulsive

What was exciting about them was their spontaneity, their big ideas to pick up and move to new city or their kind of crazy driving. But it's not so exciting when it becomes strange or immature, like stealing a keychain you wanted from a store because they think they're taking a stand against corporations overpricing their merchandise.

5. They'll tease you

And not in a good way. They'll put off calling you their "girlfriend" or "boyfriend" for a while or say that they're pretty sure they feel the "L word" but want to wait to say it. And when, if, they do say those things, it'll make you feel like you've tamed the beast.

6. They'll make you the villain

No matter what, you're wrong. Ask them to talk on their day off of work? You're "too much". Ask them at least for a good morning/goodnight text? Still "too much". Every time you bring up something you're not happy with, they shut you out and make you feel guilty for bringing it up in the first place. If you back down and apologize, they'll call you a coward. There's no winning on your end, because they have a need to "win" everything.

7. They'll show no remorse

Eventually, when they decide they're done with you, they'll either just stop talking to you or break up with you in an outrageous way, like a text or a voicemail. They'll show no feelings and may say things like "I'll always remember," "You deserve better," or "I need to find my path" which is all sociopath code for "You no longer serve a purpose in my life."

8. They won't give you closure

No matter how much you beg, you will not get closure. No matter what form, texts, facebook messages, voicemails, emails. You'll feel crazy for sending them multiple messages just to ask for closure. But they won't respond. To anything. Via call, text, whatever. They most likely will pretend you never were in their life, and their Instagrams and Snap Stories will be filled with them laughing, smiling, having a grand old time.

So sistah (brotha), find your own. The closure will never come because sociopaths don't care. And neither should you. As much as you think you miss them, as much as you were in love with them, you weren't. You were in love with who they initially presented themselves to be, which never would have made you truly happy.

So give that sociopath the middle finger. You'll fall for someone again. And next time, it'll be for someone who has a conscience.

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