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    21 Ways To Tell You're In A Relationship With Your Books

    There's loving books...and then there's being in love with books.

    1. You love your books even though sometimes they make you cry.

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    2. You can be happy together one moment and utterly destroyed the next.

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    3. You go places together, real or imagined, in the span of only a few words.

    4. Your books just get you better than most people.

    5. You get so emotionally attached that you don't eat, sleep, or shower for days.

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    6. When you do sleep, you fall asleep with your book.

    7. You love the smell and feel of books.

    8. You go on dates with your book.

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    9. Sometimes you just want to be left alone with your book.

    10. If someone doesn't like a book that you love, you get really defensive.

    11. When you hear someone talking about a book that you love like it's THEIR favorite book, you get really jealous.

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    12. You love your books unconditionally.

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    13. Even though sometimes you get into heated arguments.

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    14. Eventually your books take over your life.

    15. You never want your books to end.

    16. When a book does end, you're a blubbering mess.

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    17. Some people will never understand your love.

    18. Books give you things...thoughts, feelings, and experiences that no other love could ever duplicate.

    19. You can't imagine a life without books.

    20. You see books everywhere you go. They're in the hands of a stranger on the subway, tucked halfway into an oversized purse, sitting beside a cup of tea on a café table, or huddled close together on the shelves of a bookstore or library.

    21. And whenever you see a book, even if it's just for a brief moment, it always makes you smile.

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