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This Is What Happens When You Send Tinder Guys The Emails From “You’ve Got Mail”

You've Been Swiped.

You've Got Mail is a 1998 movie about two people who fall in love over email.

When taken out of context, their emails are kind of bizarre...

...so I sent them to a bunch of guys on Tinder.

This guy was into it.

This guy was not.

This guy shared Kathleen's thoughts on hats.

This guy was fishing for a wedding invite.

This guy didn't want to "go to the mattresses."

This guy is taking me to Starbucks on Saturday.

This guy was confused.

So was this guy.

This guy had an idea of what I was talking about.

This guy saw Pride and Prejudice.

This guy googled it.

And this guy just went for it.