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Posted on Nov 15, 2013

27 Signs Your Roommate Is Actually Your Significant Other

Cohabitation never felt so cozy.

1. You get antsy when they're out of town.

2. And when they get home, it's clear they felt the same way.

3. You have no reservations when it comes to changing in front of each other.

4. Your texts are 30% "when will you be home?" and 70% pet names.

5. You have dates where you stay in and watch movies and play board games with other couples*.

6. You spend just as much time in their bed as in your own.

7. You would rather stay home and drink and snack together than go out.

8. But when you ultimately decide to go out, you always arrive as a package deal...

9. ...and leave as a package deal.

10. You can take over any dance floor with the sweet moves you've been practicing in your living room.

11. Your social groups are intertwined.

12. You have a pet together, or have strongly considered getting one.

13. You tell each other all your wants and needs.

14. You cook for each other.

15. And always know exactly what to order for the other when you order in.

16. You bicker like an old couple about household duties, because you were totally the last one to take out the trash.

17. You always know where the other is.

18. You take turns taking the blame for being late to things.

19. You always ask their opinion on clothes, even when you know it probably gets on their nerves.

20. You go to nice dinners with each other's parents when they're in town.

21. You always make sure you're home in time to watch your shows together.

22. And you feel guilty if you watch an episode without them...

23. …and hurt if they watch an episode without you.

24. Same goes for pizza, of course.

25. You don't know where your stuff ends and their stuff begins.

(And like it that way.)

26. And you hate the thought that someday one of you might move in with a "real" significant other.

27. But let's be honest. They'll never have what you have.

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