If Justin Bieber Had The Face Of A Creepy Baby In A Renaissance Painting

Happy birthday week, Justin Bieber.

Teen Vogue / Giuliano Bugiardini

Scenes from the Story of Tobias

Hollywood Reporter / Pietro Perugino

Madonna with Child

Teen Vogue / Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen

The Holy Family

Teen Vogue / Bronzino

Don Giovanni de’ Medici

Teen Vogue / Francesco Bianchi

Arion Riding on a Dolphin

Hollywood Reporter / Jacopo Pontormo

Madonna and Child with St. Joseph and Saint John the Baptist

Teen Vogue / Franceschini Baldassarre

Amore Venale

Teen Vogue / Lucas Cranach the Elder

Virgin and Child with a Bunch of Grapes

Hollywood Reporter / Raphael

Grande Madonna Cowper

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