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    Posted on Jul 2, 2014

    7 Cards To Give To America On The 4th Of July

    Just because America isn't a person doesn't mean you shouldn't get it a card.

    Directions: Print these out and set them somewhere on the ground between one shining sea and the other shining sea.

    1. If you're a romantic:

    Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

    2. If you're big on birthdays:

    Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

    3. If you're bummed about the World Cup:

    Jen Lewis / BuzzFede

    4. If you're not super into the 4th of July, but trying anyway:

    Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

    5. If you're a flirt:

    Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

    6. If you're into Independence Day references:

    Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

    7. If you don't have much to say:

    Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

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