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18 Things You Probably Never Noticed In Mary-Kate And Ashley Movies

These movies were a mess. A big, beautiful mess.

1. In Holiday in the Sun, Mary-Kate and Ashley "leave" Chicago and "arrive" in the Bahamas.


But that is clearly the same airport.

2. During the final scenes, Griffen's shirt switches from yellow to green, back to yellow, and back to green again.


3. Ever notice those people in the doorway when the girls are "alone" on the yacht?


Is my childhood a joke to you, sir?

4. Apparently, because in Passport to Paris, the plane swings around Big Ben, passes the real Paris, and heads to a "France" in Africa.


5. When Shane's note is kicked around, we can hear the teacher say these lines...

...which he says again, word for word, a few scenes later.

6. Once they're in Paris, there's Brigitte's magical dress.


7. And the "H" and "U" in "GARDENS" as the girls tamper with Jeremy's itinerary.


This scene gave me unrealistic expectations of computer keyboards.

8. In Getting There (as well as the flashback to Getting There at the end of The Challenge), the girls' birthday cake is backward.


9. In New York Minute, the girls are always talking to the wrong side of their T-Mobile Sidekicks.


They're listening to nothing. The speaker and mic are on the opposite side.

10. In Winning London, the team is initially introduced as being from Fairview High...


...and a second later it changes to Lakeview High.

11. The team torments a guard outside the gates of Buckingham Palace, but there are no guards outside the gates of Buckingham Palace.


They're all in the forecourt.

12. Nope, that's not Clarence House.

It's Horse Guards Parade.

13. air duct turns into a laundry chute?


Get it together, Winning London.

14. In Billboard Dad, the girls say their dad couldn't make it to the diving meet because he was too sad...


...But if that isn't a billboard dad in the sunglasses, I don't know what is.

15. And if they only had two paintbrushes...

...Where did that photo come from?

16. In When in Rome, Charli reminisces about going to the Coliseum with Paolo...which hadn't happened yet.


17. In Our Lips Are Sealed, the "vegemite" is actually Nutella.


18. And, last but not least, remember that bratty kid getting shoes at the sporting goods store in Switching Goals?

Do you? Do you remember him?

That was a tiny, sassy Michael Cera.

Mind blown.