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5 Reasons Why Cookie From "Empire" Is The HBIC

"The streets ain't made for everybody. That's why they made sidewalks."

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There have only been 2 episodes, but Cookie Lyons is the breakout supernova of Fox's "Empire."

Who else can pull off a leopard fedora, leopard shirt, leopard skirt, and leopard iPad case? Not even actual leopards.

She Is Goal-Oriented

I'd give it to her if I were you...

Her Comebacks Are on POINT

You Don't Want to Make Her Mad

She Speaks the Truth

She Doesn't Walk. She WERQS.


Catch Cookie in "Empire" every Wednesday at 9/8c PM on Fox. This isn't even a paid post, the show is just that good.

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And because it has scenes like this...

That's a bib. A BJ bib. A BJB.

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