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11 Potential Cumber-Baby Names

Long live the Cumber-Bump and its Tumblr reign!

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Kombucharlize Helene Cumberbatch

Kombucharlize, who will be lovingly refered to as "Kombu" or "Kom," will have a passion for human rights and will often stop crying around 5pm GMT, or a time she deems fair to let her nanny go home.

Ello Ello Rightyo Cumberbatch

Lil Ello Ello will speak his first words in the dialect of a Dickensian street urchin. He'll instinctively have the sense of street directions in downtown London, will strike up conversation with strangers, and will be in 3 Guy Ritchie films by age 4.

Followforafollow Maibu Cumberbatch

'Bu will be the tech savviest baby. He'll start his own digital baby group, requiring no human interaction, and his bb blog "Sherlock's Son" will be purchased by the "Daily Mail" for a cool £500,000.

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