11 Reasons Breakfast Is The Best Meal Of The Day

Let’s be serious here. There’s just no competition.

1. It’s completely acceptable to be a grump.

It pisses me off how deliciously scrumptious this is. Fuck you, cereal. Fuck you.

2. You can do it big…

3. …but it’s still damn delicious when you keep it simple.

Milk and cereal, cereal and milk!

4. PANCAKES, you guys.

No, but seriously. PANCAKES.

5. Breakfast is so awesome there’s even clubs dedicated to this wondrous feast.

…or did I misunderstand the movie plot?

6. You can make it as silly as you want, because it’s not supposed to be brunch.

Brunch is for bougie bitches. Or your mom. She loves that shit.

Lunch foods mixed with my breakfast foods? BAH.

7. If you mess up, you can blame it on having just woken up.

I can’t function before 11 AM.

8. You can wear what you want and no one will dare judge you.

Not until you’ve had your morning cup o’ joe, anyway.

9. An entire meal consisting of fruit? WHY NOT.

10. Sometimes, it’s straight up dessert.

But hey, no one’s going to call you out on it.

11. And the magical ability to turn your entire day around? Priceless.

Nom until you’re consumed with happiness.

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