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    79 Ways "Friends" Were Our Friends

    Friends are people who support you, laugh with you, teach you, learn from you, cry with you, spend time with you and love you. It's been 10 years since Friends left our television screens and they're still our friends.

    1. They taught us cool tricks.

    2. We practiced the same Sunday rituals.

    3. Joey's logic made perfect sense to us.

    4. We wondered what the hell Rachel was thinking too.

    5. We had the same talents as Chandler.

    6. Ross, Chandler and Joey defined "Cool."

    7. We actually wanted to give Phoebe money.

    8. We had the same interests as Joey.

    9. Rachel taught us how to handle our problems.

    10. We understood their language.

    11. Joey taught us how to have a good time.

    12. We felt Phoebe's pain.

    13. Joey taught us how to flirt.

    14. We could literally feel this hug.

    15. They scared us too.

    16. We would have done the same thing.

    17. We knew Chandler better than Rachel.

    18. This was our wet dream.

    19. We were embarrassed too.

    20. We knew not to break Joey's golden rule.

    21. Monica warned us, like a real friend.

    22. We thought this was "fowl" of Chandler.

    23. We adored Chandler's honesty.

    24. We were sad we didn't get one too... or were we?

    25. We felt bad for Rachel.

    26. Phoebe taught us how to spell.

    27. We were concerned too.

    28. We wanted to be Phoebe's bitch.

    29. Phoebe's logic made perfect sense to us.

    30. We knew the moves of "The Routine."

    31. We wanted the same things for Joey.

    32. We knew too.

    33. This hurt our feelings.

    34. We just wanted to help Monica.

    35. They taught us discreteness.

    36. We agreed with Joey. Not cool, Rachel!

    37. Ross taught us about love... many many times.

    38. Joey taught us anatomy and Chandler retaught us.

    39. We spent all of our holidays with them.

    40. We wanted to be in this car.

    41. We knew Ross needed counseling.

    42. We would never pick our friend, Joey, first for a team.

    43. Rachel was right.

    44. Phoebe gave us sound advice.

    45. We supported Ross's goals.

    46. We knew exactly what Joey meant.

    47. We disliked the same people.

    48. We felt bad for Ross. When were you under him, Rachel?

    49. We experienced the first "I love you."

    50. We wanted to see their point of view.

    51. Chandler was so insensitive to our, I mean Joey's feelings.

    52. We wanted to riot on behalf of our friend, Phoebe.

    53. We still wanted an engagement photo.

    54. Sorry Ross. We took Rachel's side.

    55. Chandler and Joey defined "Sore Winners."

    56. This was our first time too.

    57. We still liked Rachel.

    58. We knew this was best for Joey.

    59. We cared, Ross.

    60. That was our first guess too.

    61. We didn't think this was possible, but it made us happy.

    62. They taught us how to check on our neighbors.

    63. We were glad Joey didn't "get" Chandler.

    64. Oh, Joey....

    65. We felt bad for Chandler.

    66. Ross taught us survival skills.

    67. Phoebe taught us fashion.

    68. They understood about true love.

    69. Phoebe's lyrics spoke to us.

    70. Ross and Monica taught us to listen to our parents.

    71. We weren't all always on the same page.

    72. Rachel taught us that looks aren't everything.

    73. Joey showed us around London, baby!

    74. Monica & Chandler showed us how to get married... correctly.

    75. We couldn't pick sides between Joey and Chandler.

    76. They made us cry...

    77. again...

    78. and again...

    79. and we still are, because we miss our Friends!